Enhance your sanctuary without compromising on privacy, with the right window covering options.

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Enhance your sanctuary without compromising on privacy, with the right window covering options.
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Investing in high quality window treatment for your home is important for both privacy and shade. Ideally, you want the well-designed window coverings to complement the look of your interiors too.

Onna, an established window treatment specialist, offers homeowners an excellent selection of curtains and blinds. Founded in 1975 in Indonesia, the company is today a one-stop shop for furnishings such as window shades, interior and exterior blinds, partitions, and insect screens.

Onna presents a great collection of day and night curtains in an array of durable fabrics. For added convenience, these can be fitted to a motorised curtain track.

Among the highlights in the range are vertical sheer blinds, which combine traditional vertical blinds with a line of sheer fabric. This option blocks the sun’s intense glare even when the blinds are open, as well as creates a curtain-like look. The blinds use the dual mechanics of both horizontal motion and turning motion. 

Another popular option is shadow blinds, ideal for those who prefer to be able to adjust the light that streams in, yet have privacy. Combining horizontal and roller blinds, they consist of dim-out fabric suspended between two layers of sheer fabric. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, these blinds allow natural light to filter through.

Check out the rainbowblinds system too, which fuses both Venetian and roller blinds for an impressive look. Besides allowing homeowners to control the amount of light entering their homes, the system comes with a motorised option that can be linked to your modern home’s automation system.

Onna also specialises in sturdy outdoor blinds, perfect for balconies and terraces. These durable coverings help to shield your abode from rain, harsh sunlight and strong winds. Incorporating a heavy-duty system from South Korea, the blinds have stainlesssteel wind guards to keep the blinds locked in place at all times.

Some of the outdoor products available include Onna’s UV Blinds, featuring a warm, natural wood look, yet is waterproof and far more durable than real wood blinds. The motorised Windhouse Outdoor Blinds are made for outdoor areas prone to heavy wind. They can be paired with sunlight sensors, so that they automatically come down when the sun is  glaringly hot.