“Three-D Conceptwerke rethinks design boundaries.”

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Dess Chew

Principal Designer (right)

Terence Soh

Senior Design Consultant (second from right)

Peter Ng

Senior Design Consultant (second from left)

Jack Loh

Senior Design Consultant (left)

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Three-D Conceptwerke specialises in integrating design seamlessly into the daily lives of its occupants, whether in a residential or commercial space. The team prides itself on creating edgy interior architecture and rethinking design boundaries. In the team’s hands, discarded items get a new lease of life in form and colour, or are used for a renewed purpose within a new space.
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This spacious four-bedroom walk-up apartment at Yio Chu Kang may be spacious but light was minimal; the stairway was fully walled up and light could enter only if the main door was opened.

One of the first things that Three-D Conceptwerke did, as part of a $150,000 renovation, was to hack the wall right next to the main door and install a glass panel – much like a window to the stairwell. This lets in light and also allows the homeowners to be able to see who is coming up the stairs. Windows at the balcony were also removed for better ventilation and for more light to stream in.

Inside, most of the unique retro elements, such as the beautiful arch in the hallway, were retained, with it subtly delineating the living hall and the dining area. To emphasise the height and expansiveness of the dining area, a floor-toceiling solid ply bookshelf was installed to line its wall, doubling as a functional feature wall. Also lovingly conserved were the window grilles. Neither the interior designers nor the homeowners have come across this design before, and wanted them kept in their original form.

Pendant lights were integral to softening the look of the space and drawing attention to the high ceiling, enhancing the warm ambience in the apartment, especially in the evenings.

The old world charm of the building gave the interior design team the idea to scrape off the outer layer of the wall to unveil the original structure beneath.

The paint and plaster of the upper half of the walls in the dining hall was removed to expose the house’s original brick structure, before being scrubbed white with a new coat of paint – the paint softened the contrast between brick and plaster, but yielded a new level of texture and character. It’s a befitting ode, indeed, to the building’s heritage and to the structure that would be housing another generation of inhabitants.

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A spot of green by way of faux carpet grass is built into the verandah, making it a perfect corner for morning or afternoon tea.


The perimeter of the kitchen’s doorway is marked out in black, boldly delineating the kitchen from the dining area and rest of the home.


While one part of the breezy verandah is covered in carpet grass, the other half gets a wooden flooring, creating a fine balance of green and wood accents.

Old-world charm infuses this spacious apartment, which has retained features such as the hallway arch.
My Reading Room
My Reading Room
My Reading Room

The vintage window grilles in the bedroom were retained for a dose of nostalgic charm.


A segment of the wall next to the main door at the staircase landing was hacked open and a glass panel was installed, allowing more natural light to flood the interior.


The bathroom goes all mod retro, with sleek black shower and tap accessories contrasting with the retro floor tiles.

The kitchen makes a sleek statement with its black marble countertop for the island. A floor-to-ceiling solid ply bookshelf at the dining area enhances the height and spaciousness of the section and serves as a functional feature wall, as well.
My Reading Room
My Reading Room

Always up for a challenge, Three-D Conceptwerke boldly and brilliantly interpreted this couple’s love for astronomy and a botanical theme in this three-room HDB resale apartment in Holland Avenue.

Renovated at a cost of $40,000, the team kept the built-in structures to a minimum so as to allow the freedom and flexibility of different configurations.

Walls were knocked down to enlarge the living area and create the illusion of a bigger, airier home. An arched opening was created in the bedroom wall to let more light into the living room. Glass windows built into the arch gave the space another dimension.

A spectrum of blues permeates the interior, including the kitchen. The long rectangular entrance foyer is marked out in blue, covered with both tiles and paint to create contrasting textures – this section houses a range of plants and a rocketinspired display shelf adorned with the owners’ treasure trove of knick-knacks.

Blue features as the primary colour in the kitchen, and is paired with warm wood tones for a neutral timeless look.
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My Reading Room

The bathroom gets a pop of teal and is decorated in Scandinavian blue, echoing the blue touches in the living room and kitchen.


The blue theme is complemented by light cream shades and warm woods in the kitchen area.


Practical hanging nooks help keep belongings in order and also lend an artistic touch.


A bold spectrum of blue hues permeates this home, and an “arch window” was specially created in the bedroom wall for better connectivity between the bedroom and living space.

Walls were knocked down to open up and enlarge the living and dining sections of this threeroom HDB flat.