Edmund Schorr, director of sales, Asia-Pacific, Sub-Zero Group, talks about the popular American kitchen brand’s illustrious background and its new gallery here situated in a restored colonial townhouse.

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What started out as mere research in the 1930s – on ways to store his son’s insulin injections – led Westye Bakke to invent one of the most iconic refrigerators of all time.

Westye built his first freestanding freezer out of scrap metal in 1943, bending the coils barehanded. In 1945, he launched Sub-Zero Freezer Company in Madison, Wisconsin. Today Sub-Zero remains a family owned premium kitchen appliance manufacturer, where everything is still crafted, with breakthrough technology, in Madison.

Though its brands have been established in Singapore for the last 18 years, it was only in early August this year that Sub-Zero and Wolf (its cooking appliance arm) opened the doors of their first flagship showroom at a heritage terrace house in McNair Road. It’s conceived as a cosy home outfitted with the appliances in a practical yet sophisticated way, in order to allow guests to experience the full range of refrigeration devices, grills, ovens, cooker hobs and wine storage options.

“We have always wanted a vintage standalone showroom that exudes heritage and opulence, instead of just another premium shop in a mall. After more than a year of searching, we finally chanced upon the McNair Road house built in the 1920s, which is centrally located. Apart from a fresh new retail experience for our local clients, this showroom gives us a lot more freedom in space planning in a real home setting, and event customisation,” explains Edmund Schorr.

The House of Sub-Zero and Wolf also exudes a gallery feel, where sections of the home like the Library have been transformed into an “exhibit” space displaying works by local artists like water colourist Foo Kwee Horng and pottery master Chua Soo Kim. The house even boasts its own herb garden; the great variety of herbs grown is used to whip up planned meals for guests by the in-house chef.

Luxury homes have become more sophisticated in design, and Sub-Zero has adapted to this change by offering up to 13 options in its integrated kitchen solutions category, with 19 models for built-in fridges and nine models for wine storage options. As for Wolf, it has launched three new lines in the multiple award-winning M Series – contemporary, professional and transitional – in order to suit the different needs and preferences of kitchen aficionados.

With their iconic status and ultra-sophisticated technology, it’s not surprising that SubZero and Wolf are fixtures in the studios and home kitchens of celebrity chefs and culinary show hosts such as Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay and Ming Tsai.

The range has also been featured on many Hollywood sets, such as Iron Man, Mr & Mrs Smith, and in The Simpsons animation. But, of course, there’s nothing quite like stepping into this house and experiencing the high-end appliances for yourself!

Visit the The House of Sub-Zero and Wolf at 31 McNair Road, Townerville. Tel: 6386-9335, (Please call to make an appointment.) 
My Reading Room
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A look of the “man cave” (above) and the kitchen area (below).

Modern kitchen appliances are seamlessly worked into the design of the library.
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Monument Room

Located right after the main entrance is where the Pro 48, a top-of-the-line refrigeration system, takes pride of place. Imposing in size, it’s made of stainless steel inside out and is enhanced with triple evaporators, which permits storage conditions in the main refrigerator compartment, the freezer, and the refrigerator drawers to be adjusted separately.

Outdoor Wolf BBQ Grill

Located to the left of the main entrance, the grill featuring Wolf’s signature red knobs also comes with refrigeration drawers. An herb garden is located just a few steps away, providing fresh ingredients during cooking demonstrations.

The Library

Right after the Monument Room is the intimate yet sophisticated showcase for Wolf’s elegant black series of appliances, ranging from convection steam ovens to microwaves and cup warmers.

The Man Cave

Located upstairs, it features Sub-Zero’s splendid wine fridges that can store up to 146 bottles.

The Dining Room

An intimate French-themed hall that makes you feel like you’re dining in a chateau. A meal can be had here while you sit surrounded by Wolf’s professional series of cooking appliances, with built-in Sub-Zero integrated fridge, freezer and wine storage housed in white cabinets. An inspiring space to show how cabinets can be customised to house the modern appliances.