This apartment plays it cool with Scandinavian touches.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
This apartment plays it cool with Scandinavian touches.
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A couple in their 30s with two children 


Two-bedroom condominium in the east 



Not content with the cookie-cutter look of their condominium unit, the owners engaged an interior designer to give their home a facelift. “While the original workmanship was fine, there was not much in terms of details and creativity, so they wanted an overhaul to make their home unique and cosy,” says Dan Wu, founder of Dan’s Workshop. With this, he found inspiration in the uber-cool Scandinavian style. The result? A makeover that is cottage-cosy, but done in a sleek yet understated manner.   

My Reading Room

The row of long, vertical panels – actually storage space for books and shoes – in greyish- white laminate has built-in niches for a rustic feel. The kitchen island counter with a white quartz marble top is also clad in the same kind of laminate. For some detail, vertical groove lines were etched and hand-cut onto it. 

To avoid clutter and having an extra piece of furniture around, Dan designed the TV console with rollers so that it could be pushed closer to the sofa and double as a coffee table. 

Another customised piece is the dining table, designed to look minimalist with a quartz tabletop resting on a slim, squarish stand in solid wood.  The set of dining chairs with black seats were deliberately chosen to act as a bold contrast to the dominant white-cool interior. The display-cum- storage cupboard behind the dining table bears the same look as the rest of living room, while lending a light, airy feel to the space with the help of glass shelves and doors. 

My Reading Room

Dan kept to a simple, chic style for the master bedroom. For the bed, a customised low-height headboard in wood laminate was installed, with the earthy accents also extended to the bay window. The chillout corner in the same space doubles as a storage area, complete with a flip-up board.   

No matter the theme or style in mind, this home shows you how to spruce up a conventional interior with just a few standout features. 


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