Customisable furniture offers homeowners the freedom to express themselves regardless of the layout or size of their home.

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Designing and renovating a new home these days is much more than simply handing the key over to an interior designer. For homeowners who want a hands-on experience in creating their own home, there are plenty of varied and affordable options out there – you can get anything from a modular kitchen to a bespoke liquor cabinet made to suit your individual lifestyle. Here, we’ve narrowed down our top picks for custom fittings and furniture.


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A family of dedicated craftsmen, Roger & Sons preserves the heritage of the woodworking trade passed down by their father some 30 years ago. They make everything from tables and chairs to even custom liquor cabinets. In their work, they salvage abandoned logs from already-felled trees that have been cut down for urban development, ensuring little to no impact on the environment.

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Homeowners looking for a custom dining table need look no further than Etch&Bolts -- all you have to do is pick a table design from their collection, then customise it by picking from a range of over 100 materials including natural marble, quartz, granite, liveedge wood slabs, and more. The production process takes between 3 – 5 weeks.

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For homeowners who want a stylish apartment without the hassle or hefty price tag, CollaborateSG offers six “plug-and-play” designs, created in partnership with award-winning interior firms like Architology. You can mix and match different modules to create your own, with the assurance that the design and spatial experience has been well planned for your comfort.

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This company is offering local homeowners a new way to approach furniture shopping, with their in-house software and dedicated design services. Modelled after three- and four-room apartments, SP Homes’ showroom showcases everything a modern homeowner needs, from customisable storage to space-saving solutions. Simply select the furniture you want, and SP Homes’ staff  will assist with getting the measurements custom-fitted to your actual spaces.

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If you’re looking for industrialstyle shelves, look no further than Peng Handcrafted. This local designer crafts his shelves out of galvanised steel sprinkler pipes and two types of timber, namely American white oak and reclamed wood from old lorries. The shelves are joined meticulously without using any welding, screws or nails – what Peng calles a “marriage of hardware”.

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The award-winning team at Design Intervention not only offers interior design services, they create bespoke furniture, too. Creating fun, happy pieces is their specialty, paying attention to detail in order to achieve the optimum shape and proportion for the space. You’ll be able to customise every detail of your piece, even the stitching and type of filling.

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The team at Blafink will guide homeowners through their customisation service for hand crafted upholstery, ranging from beds to sofas to even items as small as cushions. You’ll be spoiled for choice – they have 12,000 swatches of fabric, faux and genuine leather. To cater to individual comfort, they can also adjust seat depths, back heights, and storage requirements.

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Triple Eyelid was created in 2014 when its founder, Jackie Tan, realised that there was potential in upcycling the large amount of industrial materials that otherwise go to waste every year. Using materials such as reclaimed wood pallets, the team creates custom loose shelving for every need – ranging from plant displays to pet accessory storage. Each unique piece is designed and crafted by hand.

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With years of carpentry experience, the team at Custo works closely with homeowners to create custom storage solutions. You can begin with one of their four templates or start by measuring the dimensions of your space, specify how many rows and columns you need, and choose from an array of finishes and doors. All their wood is sustainably-sourced European birch, known for its durability and strength.

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1 Take careful, accurate measurements of the space.

2 Bring along pictures of the room (as many angles as possible) as well as the floor plan.

3 Think about the function of your custom piece – things like how many you want to seat at a dining table, or the kind of items you want a shelf to hold, should be communicated to your designer.

4 Consider the colours and design of furniture surrounding the custom piece – they should work well together.
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Meister by Hafele offers a modular-concept custom kitchen that can be disassembled and reassembled in the home, saving time and money. The flexibility of the design means that your kitchen can evolve with your needs, and can even move with you should you choose to move homes in future. Their work is made to last, with five-layer plywood that’s much more durable than the industry standard of three layers.

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Since its founding in 1997, this home-grown brand has expanded to become a boutique furniture company specialising in wardrobes and kitchens. They work closely with homeowners to design the best kitchen for their needs, taking into account their workflow, how often they cook and entertain, and the types of appliances needed. With their years of craftsmanship and industry expertise, they are able to customise your kitchen down to the last detail, hinges and all.

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