Steeped in heritage and history, luxury jeweller Chaumet’s newly reopened store at the iconic Place Vendome in Paris bridges the present with the jeweller’s storied past.

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Following a year-long refurbishment, French jewellery house Chaumet recently unveiled its flagship boutique at 12 Place Vendome in late February.

Past the gilded doors at the entrance, guests are greeted by the ground-floor boutique. The redesigned and expanded space seamlessly blends 21st-century modernity with Chaumet’s heritage; the brand’s traditional wheat motif is exquisitely embroidered on upholstered walls, engraved in walnut panels and gilded on stone surfaces. The grand staircase with engraved panels, a nod to the love story of French emperor Napoleon and his first wife Josephine, leads to the upper levels that house six intimate salons - the Salon des Joyaux, Salon Malmaison, Salon des Dessins, Salon des Diademes, Salon des Perles, and the illustrious Salon Chopin.

The Salon Chopin, once the renowned musician’s living room and where he composed his last mazurka, is saturated with elegant opulence. This historic monument was conceived by lead architect Francois-Joseph Belanger and a team of artisans prized by King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette at the request of Baron Baudard de Sainte-James in 1779. Lining its walls are the paintings of Lagrenee le Jeune and the Rousseau brothers’ sculpted panelling depicting anchors, shells and tridents.

Formerly a dining room, the Salon des Perles with its Napoleon III-style panelling is refreshed in the maison’s signature royal blue, played up with touches of gold. On the floor, a carpet painted by a highly skilled craftsman portrays two of the maison’s most important themes - tiaras and nature.

Chaumet’s history of creating tiaras is illustrated in the Salon des Diademes, where hundreds of nickel silver tiara models stand out against a blue background. These three-dimensional renderings, which have been carefully detailed right down to the hand-painted stones, are rare and precious creations in their own right.

A stroll through the halls of Chaumet’s new home will fill design and jewellery lovers alike with plenty of decor ideas and inspiration on classic European splendour.

The Chaumet flagship boutique is at 12 Place Vendome, Paris, France. Visit for more information.
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Good to know

The original location of Chaumet was at 15 Place Vendome, now the address of the Ritz Paris hotel, instead of number 12
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The Salon des Perles embraces a rich blue and gold palette that contrasts with its painted ceiling.


Engraved panels of the grand staircase are a homage to the love story of Napoleon and Josephine.


Sculpted reliefs of High Jewellery workshop’s original ceiling were uncovered during the restoration work.


Salon Chopin boasts a Pleyel piano, Frederic Chopin’s favourite brand of pianos.

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