Interior and furniture designer Geraldine Prieur opens the doors to her recently renovated Parisian apartment to KARINE MONIE for an exclusive interview with Home & Decor.

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A pink shade called Rose Pomette – a bespoke colour created by the designer-owner herself – takes the centre stage. 

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A mix of vintage and contemporary furniture pieces as well as artworks adorn the living room. 

While the French capital is undeniably one of the most fascinating places in the world, Paris can also be a grey city, especially during the long winter months. Interior and furniture designer Geraldine Prieur found a radical way to escape that. She filled her apartment with (very) vibrant colours. Opening the doors of her dwelling, she unveils an unexpectedly audacious world, contrasting vividly against the gloom outside.

It was love at first sight for Geraldine, her husband and three daughters when they found this 3,068 sq ft apartment. They were drawn to its character and volumes of space. The Haussmannian architecture and original elements such as mouldings, marble fireplaces, high ceilings and 19th century windows had been preserved to respect the history of this unique structure.

“Every place tells a story through its walls, its materials, its past”, Geraldine says. “For a new project, we turn a page but the story continues. This story is about timelessness.”

While honouring the past, she didn’t hesitate to design an interior that seems to be the antithesis of its architectural shell. Her passion for colour is reflected in every corner of the apartment and the unexpected spaces highlight her love for nonconformist aesthetics. 

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Interior and furniture designer Geraldine Prieur. 


Since the launch of her Rouge Absolu brand in 2012, Geraldine hasn’t stopped using striking tones and her personal refuge is no exception. “Colours have a very positive impact on our daily lives and that’s why I use them in all my projects.” The name of her studio symbolises her vision: Rouge (“red” in French) represents life, luxury, sensuality and desire while Absolu (“absolute”) expresses her irreverence when it comes to aesthetic choices and commitments. 

At the entrance, the walls were painted Prussian blue, a hue echoed by the rug under the curvy furniture. A Henryot & Cie sofa, a stool from Italy, an ’80s coffee table, an opaline ceiling lamp and brass detailing create an eclectic mix. “Every colour plays an essential part in the ambience,” she says.

In the living room, all the walls are a bespoke pink created by Geraldine and called Rose Pomette. A historic portrait painted by Charles-Auguste van den Berghe in 1842 is juxtaposed with contemporary artworks, an Up to You bookcase by Rouge Absolu, a white Busnelli sofa and other vintage seating. One of the key pieces is a shoe-shaped armchair by a Californian designer that Geraldine bought in a flea market in Paris.

The pink theme continues in the family room and the dining room features yellow and blue elements such as a Rouge Absolu rug with geometric patterns fabricated by Les Manufactures Catry. The Murano chandelier perfectly matches the glass dining table and the curvy dining chairs Geraldine designed to ft her apartment. 

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The ’80s shoe-shaped chair was created by a designer from California. 

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In this Parisian apartment, jewel tones reign supreme. 

Slightly more neutral, the kitchen is adorned with orange ceiling lamps and Jim Thompson curtains. She designed the wallpaper and chairs with a fabric by Elitis.

The walls in the master bedroom and the bathroom are dressed in malachite green. The bedroom features curtains by Manuel Canovas and a striking geometric floor. An armchair and a Warren Platner pouffe, as well as several vintage lighting fixtures, lend a warm touch. 

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In the dining room, white furniture is a balancing counterpoint to the bright yellow walls and royal blue geometric carpet. 

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The entrance room was furnished with a Henryot sofa and a coffee table from the 1980s. The stool is Italian. 

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The master bathroom was painted green with a malachite effect. 

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In the kitchen, the wallpaper is by Rouge Absolu, the curtains are Jim Thomson and the chairs were customised with Elitis fabric. 

Passionate about fashion – which Geraldine opines is one step ahead of interior design – the French designer is a colour expert. In her home, she has succeeded in creating a wonderful, vibrant world like no other that is both daring and elegant.

Far from any conventional style, she has broken all the rules to deliver an interior space that generates emotion and feels both powerful and energising. Her unapologetically extravagant approach also allows for one-of-a-kind experiences where her imagination has no limits. 

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In the master bedroom, the vivid green walls unite contemporary and antique artworks, vintage and bespoke furniture, and lighting pieces.