Garmin Vibr 360.

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GET THIS: Garmin Vibr 360.

READY FOR: Filming the most intense, action-packed shots with crystal clear quality – in 360 degrees. Garmin isn’t disappointing anyone with its newest addition to the Vibr camera series. With the ability to record 360-degree videos with up to 5.7K/30fps resolution, and sporting four built-in microphones to capture 360-degree sound, you’ll be capturing breathtaking experiences with astonishing quality, both audio- and visual-wise. It’s also waterproof to 10m, making it great for underwater shots as well.

THE BEST PART: Can’t wait to share your shots with everyone on Facebook? With this camera, you won’t have to. Using the Vibr mobile app, you can livestream whatever it’s capturing directly to your Facebook or Youtube. Unfortunately, this feature is only compatible with Apple products, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

COST: $1,199,

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