You may be sexually compatible with her, but do you share a sense of humour?

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

You may be sexually compatible with her, but do you share a sense of humour? You can have one without the other, but if you both laugh at the same things, your sex could be exponentially hotter. 

According to a study in Evolutionary Psychology, women tend to initiate more sex with guys who have a great sense of humour. And what qualifies as funny is very specific (and sometimes very different) from person to person. 

So what is your sense of humour? It can be hard to define explicitly. Most of us just settle for “I’m funny” or “I can take a joke.” But what does that mean, really? And what sort of women is most likely to laugh at the same things that make you laugh, thus making you a better match in the bedroom? 

Let’s find out with this simple quiz: 


A Crack lots of jokes and always have a comeback ready. 

B Laugh off all the crap that other people gripe about. 

C Bust your buddies’ chops about their dumb mistakes. 

D Inevitably wind up as the target of your pals’ punch lines. 


A Funny things that really happened to you—you swear! 

B Just how absurd your life can be ( bed). 

C A jacka**who did something stupid ( bed). 

D The latest bone-headed blunder you committed. 


A Try to spend time with people who will cheer you up. 

B Think of all the ways you can laugh at your problems. 

C Zing one of your friends to lighten your dour mood. 

D Hide your blues by kidding around with everyone else. 


A Me? Alone? Sorry, I wouldn’t know what that’s like. 

B Always find something to laugh at—like yourself. 

C Wonder where the hell all your idiot buddies went. 

D Figure everybody is avoiding you—like they always do. 


A “Banana,” “Boo,” “Doctor”—”I got a million of ‘em!” 

B “Grandpa.” “Oh no, stop the funeral!”

C “Your dog’s dead, man. I ran it over with my Escalade.” 

D “Uh, wait a minute. I think I completely screwed this up.” 


A Won’t tell it if it’ll offend your friends or family members. 

B Will hold off telling it if it’ll risk making you look like a jerk. 

C Tell it to everybody who will listen. Then tell it again. 

D Tell it, knowing that you might wind up the butt of the joke. 

If you picked... 


You use humour to build bonds and improve relationships. Teasing is in good fun, and your easy charm translates to instant friendships. Look for spontaneous women who love to laugh. 


For you, comedy is a coping mechanism. You enjoy life’s absurdities and probably have healthy self-esteem and few emotional problems. Look for women who delight in cheerful jokes about the stuff everyone else grumbles about, not to mention women who like absurdist comedy and cartoons. 


You’re not laughing with people but at them, relying on sarcasm and put-downs. But that’s because you believe they deserve to be ridiculed. Look for gals who can dish it out to you. Unfortunately, finding your dream woman may take a bit longer, since it’s guys who are more likely to demonstrate aggressive humour. 


You’re the butt of the joke and you know it. You make fun of yourself and let others crack one-liners at your expense, since it’s the way you fit in. Look for self-deprecating types. Together, you may be prone to anxiety and depression, but no one will notice because you’re both skilled at masking your pain with comedy. 


Guys, this can’t be news to you. Women like their men funny. (For the record, think more Ben Stiller than Benny Hill.) So if you can make her laugh, chances are you’ll be joking your way into some serious sex after she giggles her way into your bedroom. 

The bad news, though, is that it takes a lot more than just a couple of knock-knock jokes. “As an audience, Singaporeans seem to like slapstick, physical type of comedy,” says funny guy and stand-up comedian, Hossan Leong. “But don’t go running into pillars of tumbling down stairs. Just be honest when you’re telling a joke.” In other words, you need to first of all believe that your joke is truly funny. Try it out with other sweet female friends if you’re not sure; if it’s not funny you’ll see it in their pained awkward smiles. 

Don’t ever start your joke with, “This is the absolutely funniest joke you’re ever going to hear.” Set yourself up like that and the only laughs you’ll likely be getting are when you fall flat on your face. You might well have run into a pillar. 

Comic timing is another cosmic mystery that no one seems to be able to pin down. “It can’t be taught,” explains Hossan. But he does have a few tricks up his funny sleeve that you can use. A big part of any joke is in the delivery. Even the funniest dumb blonde joke, if recounted in a drab monotone, won’t do a thing for even the wittiest brunette. Not unless Woody Allen is telling it. 

“Layer the joke and build the suspense,” suggests Hossan. “Once you get the attention of your audience, drop the punch line, either with a straight face or with a bewildered one. 

For example: 

Establish the object of the joke: You know, Indonesia is really trying to copy us.” 

Build the suspense: “We got free wireless hotspots all over the island, now they also want.” (Throw in some Singlish for effect.) 

Layer the joke: “Their hotspots also free, also wireless, also hot…” Drop the punch line: “Just a bit smoky ah!” 

Unfortunately, humour – unlike playing the guitar or whipping up a fancy flambé – isn’t something you can learn off a book. “Humour is very personal and everyone has their own preferences,” Hossan explains. “But with a girl, try quiet wit first. If she starts smiling, you’ll know you’re on the right path. But don’t try to be too clever – honesty always works.” 

If at first you don’t succeed, try something else. A guy trying very hard to impress a girl usually manages to eke at least a grin out of her at some point.