Your face- the first thing you see in the mirror each morning. If bad complexion is what’s bugging you about your reflection, perhaps it’s time to let medical tech remove that frown from your face.

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Your face- the first thing you see in the mirror each morning. If bad complexion is what’s bugging you about your reflection, perhaps it’s time to let medical tech remove that frown from your face.

As the body’s protective outer-shell, your skin puts up with a lot. Harmful elements such as chemicals, infections, cuts, scrapes, and sunlight keep the seemingly delicate organ under near-constant assault. The addition of sweaty gym-sessions and stress send your epidermis into overdrive, leaving it no choice but to react.

We’re not saying a flawless face is impossible, but it takes effort. And for some guys, they go, in the words of Deadpool: “Maximum Effort”, using facial washes, scrubs and moisturisers religiously, but to no avail. The sad fact is once scars have formed, there’s little remedy that products can provide. But medical tech, on the other hand, has evolved. 

Meet EndyMed, which received FDA approval a full decade ago in 2009, and arrived on Singapore shores in 2014. It’s used to treat acne scars, and provide help with skin tightening, wrinkles, fine lines, and brown spots on your mug. 

Keywords to take note of: no surgery! How does it work, you ask? We asked Dr. Kenneth Thean, the medical director of Ensoul Group, who explains: “ The EndyMed 3DEEE is designed to deliver focused radio frequency (RF) energy to dermis in a targeted and controlled way. RF is technology that works by stimulating the deeper dermis layers to increase the generation of new collagen and elastin proteins for firmer, smoother and toned skin.”

So who are the Singaporean dudes that this treatment would be best for? “Anyone who has suffered acne and developed atrophic depressed scars, or even scarring after injuries like trauma and post surgery will benefit from this treatment, “ Dr. Thean reveals. “We have also seen an increasing number of men who are looking for anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatments,” he adds, as this procedure helps smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, and brightens up skin complexion. 

What’s the downtime, though? The last thing you want to is go back into the office with everyone wondering why you look more disfigured than dashing, but thankfully most patients can carry on with daily activities after the procedure, with the redness and slight puffiness post-treatment lasting only for a couple of days, making this a suitable weekend treatment to just stay in and Netflix away. 

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So thankfully my face has never been too pock-scarred, though I did have a serious bout of acne in my late teens that left me with fairly large scars at my left temple and forehead. The rest of my face looked from a distance pretty passable, though each time I went under a beautician’s magnifying glass I couldn’t escape their “tsks” of disagreement. When I was offered a chance to try EndyMed, it seemed like a good idea to try to reverse the ravages of puberty on my face, though I kept my expectaions low, without believing that it was going to make my craggy face look like Daniel Craig’s.

So how did it go about on the day itself? First, a detailed consult and assessment with Dr. Thean at Ensoul Medical Clinic, where he planned and marked out the targeted areas to treat. An anesthetic numbing cream was then applied to the targeted area to reduce the discomfort for the treatment to come- which was so effective I couldn’t feel the clingwrap they had on my face! 

The treatment then followed, with the good doctor using the EndyMed Intensif- a non-surgical applicator with specially designed gold-plated needles to create micro-channels for RF energy to penetrate deep into the dermis with minimal epidermal damage. While it wasn’t the most comfortable process, pain was kept to a minimum, though I did think to myself I now knew how Anakin Skywalker felt right before the Darth Vader facemask was put on, the laser working all over my face and the clingwrap slightly claustrophobic. 

An hour later and it was all done, and a clinic assistance applied skin revitaliser serum to aid skin healing. I was pretty exhausted by the whole procedure, so the missus drove me home, and I applied some of the post treatment cream, took the painkillers and crashed in bed. 

It was a pleasant surprise that while my face was swollen there was little pain when I awoke the next day, and I even got back to my regular football game on Sunday, though I did warn the guys I wasn’t going for any headers. Back at work on Monday, and no one was the wiser, though some asked why I looked slightly sunburnt. 

So did it work? While the larger scars weren’t completely wiped out they do look far more diminished, and my complexion a month on looks absolutely glowing, and now the missus is thinking of whether to try it out herself! If it’s good enough for the ladies…