GET THIS: JBL Pulse 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

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GET THIS: JBL Pulse 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

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READY FOR: The sun, which has been great recently – which means one thing: beach party!

One of the essentials for such parties is, of course, music, and if you’re looking for something that will pound out those beats from Foo Fighters or Taylor Swift (we won’t judge), check out the new JBL Pulse 3 wireless speaker. It’s glowing LEDs pulse according to your playlist, and is highly customisable for your own needs. And with the built-in rechargeable battery that provides you 12 hours of playtime and music, you won’t be boo-ed by your peers for killing the party too early because your speaker batteries died on you. Other features include waterproof housing that will guard against accidental spillages during parties (it always happens), and a wireless streaming function that allows connection of up to two smartphones and tablets.

THE BEST PART: One speaker not enough for your place? Opt for two. Or 10. Using the Connect+ Technology, you can connect up to 100 (!) of these speakers for your very own rave.

COST: US$199.95 ($339),


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GET THIS: Gigabyte P57X v7 Gaming Laptop.

READY FOR: Earning your geek cred, entering the gaming community, and blasting those dead pixels, even if you don’ t know what equipment to get. No fear, Noctis, for here comes the P57 gaming laptop from Gigabyte. Designed for the gamer – both beginner and advanced alike – in mind, the laptop comes equipped with the latest processor and data storage systems, which will allow you to run your games and programs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Other design features include an anti-ghost backlit keyboard that allows you to play in the dark (especially when she has barred you for playing one too many Final Fantasy chapters), and the latest sound system built in that creates such a realistic game-play environment, you can hear every window smash and feel every explosion as if it’s really happening.

THE BEST PART: We’re absolutely captivated by the solid graphics card – the immersive virtual reality experience that came along with the crystal clear and captivating motion graphics made us feel like we were part of the gaming world.

COST: $2,999,
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GET THIS: Nikon Coolpix W300.

READY FOR: Travelling around the world and taking on adventures like diving in the Great Barrier Reef or skydiving above the Palm in Dubai. You want a waterproof, shockproof and everything-proof camera to capture all these moments. Look no further than Nikon’s newest release, the Coolpix W300. Designed for the adventurous soul in mind, the camera company took into account the latest Padi certifications depths, and the fact that you will be taking the camera to dusty and gritty environments, so it developed the W300. And probably the most important features: The wide-angle lens and optical zoom functions, so you can capture the wide expanse of the desert dunes as you go dune bashing in the Sahara.

THE BEST PART: For all of us who are digital natives (practically everyone with a social media account), the Snapbridge function allows you to upload and sync images taken on the Coolpix to your smart devices almost instantly, which you can then upload on your various social media accounts.

COST: $689,
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GET THIS: Huawei P10 and P10 Plus.

READY FOR: Spending more time taking gym selfies than your actual gym workout. Your best defense? “I’m cataloguing my fitness journey.” Let us introduce the best weapon for your journey – the P10 series of smartphones from Huawei. The world’s first smartphones that are integrated with a Leica front camera, and an all-new light sensor, the P10 and P10 Plus will ensure studio-quality images for all your before-and-after selfies, your muscle and bodybuilding hashtags uploads on Instagram, and, of course, your cheat day meals.

THE BEST PART: Don’ t fret if you think the camera function is going to make your phone lag like crazy. The user interface and ultra-memory system will ensure a faster and more streamlined experience.

COST: $798 (P10) and $998 (P10 Plus),
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GET THIS: Sony Bravia A1 Oled 4K TV.

READY FOR: EPL night, and you’re lazy to dress up and go to the bar to watch your favourite team thrash their opponents. Neither do you feel like facing your mates when your team gets thrashed by theirs. But you still want to watch the match in all its glory, from the pre-match commentary all the way to the post-match analysis. Here’s our solution: the Bravia A1 Oled TV from Sony. Touted as the company’s first large screen Oled TV, you can invite your buddies over, crack open some beer and become armchair critics for the match, disagreeing whenever the referee makes a silly decision. And your missus won’ t be left out either: The Bravia A1 has Sony’s trademark picture and colour technology, which means she can enjoy her Korean and China dramas in full, crystal clear quality.

THE BEST PART: The aesthetics of the TV are simply amazing (there isn’ t any TV stand), but what took our breath away was the absence of the traditional speakers on the side. The entire screen is where the sound comes from, and there isn’ t any noticeable shake at all.

COST: $8,999 (55-inch),
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GET THIS: Microsoft Surface Pro Hybrid Notebook.

READY FOR: No more need to lug all your tech apparatus whenever you go out or go travelling. Also no more bulky laptops, troublesome adaptors and wires that always become entangled when you pack them in your bag. Well, let Microsoft solve all of your worries with its new and improved Surface Pro Hybrid notebook. Designed to be convenient and easy to carry (less than 1kg in weight), the notebook grants you better performance and better graphics, thanks to its much improved features as compared to those of its predecessor. Aside from performance, it comes with LTE advanced support, so you can connect your LTE-enabled phone with it. And it comes in three signature colours that you can choose to match with your wardrobe.

THE BEST PART: The Surface Pro’s 13½ hours of battery uptime, as Microsoft claims, means you can use it for the whole day! Well, you shouldn’ t, of course, for health reasons. Battery uptime, as Microsoft claims, means you can use it for the whole day! Well, you shouldn’t, of course, for health reasons.

COST: $1,188 to $3,188,
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GET THIS: Razer Atheris.

READY FOR: Being taken seriously at work. But you also want to sneak in a session or two of Overwatch during lunch. Introducing the Razer Atheris – designed for both mobile work and gaming, the wireless mini-mouse allows you up to 350 hours of continuous use on a single pair of AA batteries, as Razer claims. Other features include a 7200 DPI optical sensor, which grants you extreme accuracy and incredible control over spreadsheets and balance sheet numbers. It sports an ambidextrous design, so you can share the mouse with that hot, left-handed colleague of yours in the next cubicle.

THE BEST PART: Over 300 hours of continuous use on a single pair of AA batteries? We’re sold!

COST: $84.90,