Philips Smartpro Compactrobot vacuum cleaner.

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GET THIS: Philips Smartpro Compactrobot vacuum cleaner.

READY FOR: Fast, smart and truly automated vacuum cleaning. Here’s a vacuum robot that does its job both quickly and efficiently. With its Triactive XL nozzle that has an extra-large width, it can sweep up your floor at twice the speed and performance. Using its Smart Detection System, it can adapt to virtually any home environment, and chooses the most optimal cleaning strategy to clean your floor. With it standing at mere 6cm in height, the remarkably slim design allows it to squeeze into low areas under your furniture that you otherwise couldn’t reach. If only it could climb walls as well...

THE BEST PART: This robot doesn’t need you to plug it into a charging dock – the little bugger will go and charge itself. Once the batteries hit a low point, it will automatically head back to its docking station to recharge for its next sweeping session.

COST: $699,

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