1 Password

Hands up if you use the same password for everything.

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Hands up if you use the same password for everything, from your social media accounts to your Singpass. This isn’t the best idea because if a hacker (or a bitter ex) finds out the password to one of them, he’s got access to the rest. But what if you can’t remember your best friend’s birthday, let alone a bunch of passwords? 

1 Password stores all of your passwords in one place. And everything is protected by a single Master Password, so you’ll just have to remember, yup, one password. You can even can unlock the app with your fingerprint, saving you precious time and brain space.

1. Come up with a memorable phrase, then replace some letters with numbers and symbols (“b1eber&$elena4ever”). The longer the phrase, the stronger the password. 

2. Like 1), but write it down backwards for a super strong password (“reve4anele$&rebe1b”). 

3. Use the keyboard as a palette to create shapes. For example, “3edcft6” reads like a random combination of letters, but it actually follows a “V shape on the keyboard. 

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