How to Rock a Job Interview

Impress your future employer with these must-know tips.

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Impress your future employer with these must-know tips.

Job interviews can be as much fun as having your wisdom teeth removed, but they’re a big deal if you want to score that dream job. And this is exactly why we’ve enlisted the help of career counsellor Katie Roberts to talk you through the most common interview dilemmas (we’ve all been there). Oh, and remember to clear your schedule for celebratory champagne afterwards.

How do I deal with nerves?

“Practise your responses to common interview questions out loud or ask a friend to do a mock interview with you. You can also record it so you can listen to it afterwards and hear the things you need to change.” Fashion crisis! What should I wear? “Dress appropriately for the job. For example, if the interview is for a corporate position, wear a suit or something that looks professional. If the company is more laid-back, consider that when deciding what to put on.”

How do I make them fall in love with me?

“Be confident and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Show you’ve done research on their company and that you’re prepared.”

What should I do if I’m stuck for an answer?

“You don’t have to reply immediately to a question, so don’t just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re not sure, ask if they can explain the question further or perhaps re-word it.”

What about the “strengths and weaknesses” part?

“Think about the job requirements and how your strengths relate to those. If you’re going to be working in a really fast-paced environment, a positive could be that you have great organisational skills. When giving a weakness, talk about how you have overcome it. Important: make sure it’s not a weakness that’s a key requirement of the position!”

What questions should I put forward?

“It’s very important to ask a few questions as it shows you’re interested in the role. Try asking, ‘What is the company culture like?’ or ‘Do you offer any training opportunities?’”

Should I follow up?

“Call or e-mail the interviewer about 24 to 48 hours after the interview to thank them and to express your interest in the position.”

DON’T answer your phone.
DON’T lie – you will get caught!
DON’T fidget. Keep your hands still.
DON’T ramble. Just focus on maintaining a steady voice and make sure your answers are clear.
DON’T interrupt the interviewer.
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