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Mulberry Learning builds positive-thinking habits for a bright future.

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Mulberry Learning builds positive-thinking habits for a bright future.
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Do you know that what determines success is not knowledge or talent alone?

Take a closer look at top athletes such as golfer Jordan Spieth, and famous entrepreneurs like Jack Ma – founder of e-commerce firm Alibaba Group – and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

These successful personalities have something in common – they are able to attain desirable results despite setbacks because they all started honing their craft and developing positive-thinking habits early in life.

Indeed, a report by Cambridge University on habit formation shows that children often develop key habits before the age of seven.

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Since positive-thinking habits determine future success, you must be wondering: “Is there a structured way to build these habits in my little one?”

Through extensive research, renowned experts and researchers from the US have identified sixteen powerful traits. These skills, named the “Habits of Mind”, provide kids with a structured framework for autonomous learning. They are commonly found in successful people.

The good news is, they are a universal set of skills that can be taught to just about anyone, including preschoolers. Even the Ministry of Education’s Gifted Education Branch has adopted these habits to promote intelligent thinking in top students here!

By applying these habits, children will grow to become self-directed learners, focused on each task while comfortably managing external distractions and reacting intelligently in the face of uncertainties.

If you want your preschooler to benefit from the “Habits of Mind”, make a beeline for Mulberry Learning Centre. It is the first and only preschool chain in the world to be certified by The Institute for Habits of Mind in the US.

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