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Having regular sex has many benefits including an improved sleep cycle, lowered blood pressure, and stress.

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Having regular sex has many benefits including an improved sleep cycle, lowered blood pressure, and stress.

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6 Things You Never

There are many angles of sexual intimacy, and you may be unaware of some of them. Sexual intimacy brings moments of play and fun – it’s not all straight-laced and serious.

1. Keeps you healthy.

Did you know that intercourse can lower blood pressure levels, making you less prone to stress? Regular sex can also give you higher levels of antibody immunoglobulin A, which helps ward off colds and other infections. So, in case you ever needed an excuse for a nooky, now you have one!

2. Majority of women reach peak libido around ovulation.

A survey completed by 115 women, aged 23 to 45, by the University of Virginia, found that women reported much more interest in sex and greater satisfaction from orgasm during their mid-cycle.

3. The stronger the pelvic floor muscle the better the sex.

Kegels is an exercise that tones the pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle not only helps with bladder control, but it can also intensify your orgasms. The move: Hold your PC muscle (like you were holding in urine) for 10 seconds, then release for 10 seconds. That’s one. Repeat 10 times. For optimal Kegels, do 3 sets a day.

4. Sex usually lasts less than 10 minutes.

We’ve all seen those montages where a couple stays up all night doing it on every available surface, not stopping to eat or even take a bathroom break. But, in reality, sex is usually not an all-night affair. There is nothing wrong with your love life!

5. Foreplay can last longer than sex itself.

Apparently on average foreplay lasts 11 to 13 minutes, and maybe even longer. You may even consider using a sex toy like Womanizer® to increase the intensity of pleasure or merely for some great intimate fun.

6. Toys are a bonus.

Some men get turned on by porn, while some women enjoy using their sex toys. 

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Womanizer® is not a vibrator, but rather, it’s an innovative stimulator. The sexual release at the touch of a button is based on pulsating pressure waves and inevitably leads towards a novel and touchless orgasm experience.

The clitoris is incredibly sensitive and contains a whopping 8,000 nerve fibres compared to the penis which only has around 4,000. Womanizer® can also be used for some alone fun. It is not inserted vaginally nor is it applied directly onto the clitoris. Unlike conventional sex toys, the Womanizer® does not stimulate through penetration or vibration, but it is ideal in increasing the intensity of pleasure during sex in both physical orgasm and psychological intimacy with the partner.

It’s a top German brand and is 100% safe as it's made with top-grade medical silicon head. It is precisely adjustable with eight levels of intensity to suit your pleasure. There’s no accustoming effect due to new Pleasure Air Technology.

There are two models – Womanizer W100 and Womanizer Pro W500. Be spoilt for choice as they both come in a range of beautiful and chic colour combinations, as well as limited time offer of special editions. Enjoy using the Womanizer® for orgasmic stimulations, either alone or together with your partner. You will always experience a novel feeling of lust.

Womanizer Pro W500
Womanizer Pro W500
Womanizer W100
Womanizer W100

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