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Nip skin problems at its roots with a skin essence fit for the regal.

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Nip skin problems at its roots with a skin essence fit for the regal.
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Taking inspiration from traditional beauty treatments used in the imperial courts of ancient Korea, The History of Whoo’s Bichup Line harnesses the power of oriental herbs to target skin problems at its roots and treat it from within.

The idea is simple: Using a potent blend of ingredients to help skin recognise its own weaknesses and to promote skin’s self-regeneration regardless of your age. At the heart of all products from The History of Whoo is the Gongjinbidan Complex, a signature combination of six herbs that improves energy flow within the skin.

The first step in the Bichup line is the Soon Hwan Essence, which preps skin by supplying it with essential nutrients in order for products which follow to penetrate the skin with improved efficacy. Over time, skin appears smoother, hydrated and more resilient thanks to this ancient formula.

Visit the history of whoo counter at tangs at tang plaza to redeem a four-day trial of the bichup soon hwan essence.

Offer valid from april 22 to may 31, 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

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The Soon Hwan Essence Contains:

Gongjinbidan Complex: Improves blood circulation and balances the yin and yang energy of skin.

Gyeongoakbidan: Minimises pores while delaying premature ageing. Protects and hydrates skin.

Cheongsimbidan: Soothes and detoxifies skin.

Haeulhwan: Improves blood circulation, detoxifies, reduces water retention and improves overall skin tone.

Gongjinbidan Cultured Medium: Concentrated version of the Gongjinbidan Complex obtained through fermentation. Ideal pH level and increases potency of Gongjinbidan Complex.

Limited Edition Bottle, Available From June 2016, $169 (130 Ml)

*Complimentary 3-piece Hydrating Travel Kit With Every Purchase.