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From Ruth Lim-Andersen

“Your “Raise A Future Genius” special always does wonders for my parenting plans during the holiday period. I like how you focus on both the educational and creative aspects of raising children, so that you encourage them to learn and grow up with both intelligence and creativity. I now make learning fun so my kids will excel more. Thank you!”

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Post of the month

Athena Choo shares her tips on keeping cool in our hot, humid weather on The Weekly’s Facebook page

“I choose to wear lightweight, lightcoloured cotton clothes as cotton absorbs perspiration better. I avoid caffeine and alcohol as these promote dehydration, and drink plenty of water and tea. When I go out, I carry a facial mist in my bag so I can hydrate and refresh my skin anytime.”

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Steal the secrets of ancient beauty with KOSÉ’s bestselling SEKKISEI range, a skin-brightening series based on oriental herbs used since ancient times for health and beauty purposes. The range focuses on skin care as a priority; from cleansing and washing items to base makeup like CC Cream and BB Cream, all that offer skincare benefits. Aside from skin brightening, the range also aims to create beautiful, translucent skin through superior hydrating effects. Each beauty hamper consists of Foaming Wash, Treatment Cleansing Oil, Sun Protect Essence Milk N and CC Cream.

The Weekly ’s Hot Husband of the Month

Tracy Wee introduces her romantic husband Chris:
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“Chris has always been the most loving person in my life – he never fails to put a smile on me! On my recent birthday, I found out that he went through many women’s magazines to research on what are the best beauty spas, so he could book the most pampering one for me as a special gift.”

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Our Hot Husband of the Month wins a Royal Meridian Foot and Back Therapy for two (100 mins) from The Luxe House, worth $416. For more information, visit

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