I want to inspire women to be more aware of what they eat

Ever dreamt of leaving the city behind to enjoy life on a farm?

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
Ever dreamt of leaving the city behind to enjoy life on a farm?
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How does your business make others healthier?

“We grow our produce locally and pesticidefree, and people can order it online or at our Saturday Market. The fresher the food, the more nutrition the food retains when you consume it. We hope to educate people to become more aware of their food sources, and how their food is cultivated.”

What motivated you to leave your old day job?

“I was always very free-spirited: I wanted to build something that would shape my vision of the future. As a financial consultant, I was constantly living in fear of deadlines.

My time was usually at the mercy of my clients; the workload was stressful, and I often worked late into the night. I was not very healthy in terms of what I chose to eat – I would go out with friends and have bar snacks and supper – and was not practising a fitness regime at the time.”

Why did you start the farm?

“I had an interest in climate control agriculture and new, more sustainable farming methods. My co-founder and I found this plot of land, and learned to grow vegetables commercially. We don’t consider ourselves farmers – in the community, we prefer to call ourselves ‘growers’.

These days, I feel much happier and healthier: I start work very early, but go home by 4.30 pm, so I can eat dinner at home more often. The Little Red Farm has become a family affair; my parents and sister come here a lot, and we cook the veggies we harvest at home, or make salads with them.

My diet has improved; I eat more lean meat and less fried foods, and have time for yoga during the week.”

How can women adopt a healthier lifestyle?

“With our busy lifestyles, we often choose what is most convenient to eat, which compromises our body’s health. I hope I am inspiring women to be more aware of what they eat, and to take care of their health by eating fresher, more nutritious food.”

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