Four ways to a stylish, healthy home

Update your home with technology that’s designed to improve the way you live and look good while doing it

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Update your home with technology that’s designed to improve the way you live and look good while doing it
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The most contemporary living spaces seamlessly combine form and function to make your life easier, healthier and more comfortable with the latest technology. Whether it’s saving you time, space or improving hygiene, here are four factors to look out for when you plan to update your pad: 

1. Style And Substance 

For a stylish and clean home, you’ll want something that’s modern yet practical and functional. Clunky furniture pieces that are more decorative than useful only take up valuable real estate in your home without being useful. Opt for sleek, aesthetically-pleasing appliances that bring an air of sophistication to your interiors while working for you, like Samsung’s newly-unveiled Side by Side Fridge, $2,699, which comes in a gorgeous platinum gold finish and refined design. Recessed handles and hidden hinges provide a touch of elegant minimalism, while its counter-depth design ensures it integrates harmoniously into your kitchen. Its spacious 580-litre capacity also gives you plenty of room to organise all your groceries. 

2. Double-Duty Features 

Especially in Singapore where space comes at a premium, appliances that do more with less are highly preferred. Equip your home with Samsung’s all-new AddWash Front Load Washer- Dryer, $1,799, that combines both washing and drying functions in one machine. Yes, the brand’s innovative AddWash door design, which lets you add in items during the wash cycle, is now even more energy-saving! This also means that come rain or shine, you can safely and conveniently wash and dry cushions, soft toys and even heavy, thick clothes for an upcoming winter holiday. 

3. Anti-Bacterial Functions 

Keep an eye out for appliances that combat bacteria for a more hygienic home. For instance, the Samsung fridge is installed with an Activated Carbon filter which keeps the air clean and deodorised, as well as an anti-bacterial mesh to remove harmful bacteria. And if your garments or linens need a quick refresh, the AddWash has a new AirWash technology which helps sanitise and deodorise anything from cushions to coats, all without water and harsh chemicals. It does so by blowing heated air onto items to remove odours, microscopic allergens, bacteria and microbes so your home and your wardrobe can always smell fresh. 

4. Advanced Technology 

Take advantage of the latest developments in technology, such as extending the shelf life of food and removing dirt from your laundry faster and more efficiently. Samsung’s fridge features the brand’s unique Twin Cooling Plus technology that cools the fridge and freezer compartments independently. This prevents smells from transferring between both sections and maintains a high humidity throughout the fridge to keep your ingredients fresher for longer. Laundry-wise, the AddWash Washer-Dryer uses a superior Ecobubble technology that creates fine cleansing bubbles to penetrate fabrics faster without damaging your clothes, soaking them in bubbles via a Bubble Soak technology to loosen all kinds of stains more effectively.