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If you’re always feeling stressed out, some blooms could help. We get some expert advice about the therapeutic effects of flowers.

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If you’re always feeling stressed out, some blooms could help. We get some expert advice about the therapeutic effects of flowers.
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How can flowers help me feel more relaxed?

“The mere sight of flowers is powerful enough to provide a certain extent of mental clarity. This in turn makes people feel relaxed,” says Dawn Koh, chief designer and founder of silk flower specialist Ektory.

“If you use fresh flowers, keep them healthy. Faux real touch and silk flowers are a great alternative as they look fuller and require little maintenance.”

What flowers have this effect?

“The sky blue colour has a tranquil effect since it’s reminiscent of the sky and sea, so flowers like blue bells, hydrangeas. Lighter and sweeter colours generally evoke more tranquility,” says Dawn.

Where should I place flowers in my home?

Dawn suggests putting your flower arrangement somewhere visible from where you usually rest at or want to relax at, such as your bedroom and living room.

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Mother’s Day Workshops

Ektory has various Mother’s Day workshops lined up. They include a paper Flower Arrangement & Simple Brush Lettering card Workshop on May 7. Sign up for it with your mum, or daughter, as it’s a great way to bond.

You may also wish to customise a Mother’s Day bouquet for your mum. Email customercare@ektory.com or call 9181 6723 for details. Ektory is at 35 niven road, Level 1.

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Happiness Tip

Find joy by re-reading your journal. Rediscovering memories that you keep in a diary can bring pleasure, a harvard study shows. While writing down the day’s mundane events may seem trivial at the time, you’ll appreciate them more in the future.

In sleek antiseptic copper and brushed silver-plated trim, this rollerball pen, $455, from Montegrappa’s Mule collection, will look stylish in your hand and on your desk.

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25 mins

Praticising meditation for this many minutes, three days in a row, could increase your resilience and ability to cope under pressure. Try breathing exercises that help you tune into your breath and focus closely on the present moment.

Spice Thing Up

Herbs can help with health issues so use them when you cook.

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It’s believed to be a powerful antibiotic that can strengthen digestion. Add it to Indian food, fish and plain rice.

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It helps to provide relief from insomnia, hiccups, diarrhoea and menstrual disorders. Add it to seafood dishes, frittatas and potato salad.

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Cayenne Pepper

This helps to suppress your appetite, burn calories and relieve cluster headaches. Add it to everything from steak to chicken and fish.

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It has a history of settling upset stomachs, as well as banishing bad breath and sore throats. Add it to tea, coffee and cakes.

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