The Key To Ageing Youthfully

Ever wondered why some people age better than others?

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Ever wondered why some people age better than others?

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The paradox of age is that while we’re young and able, we usually can’t afford to do the things that we want to. As we age and become financially independent, we end up not having the strength nor the energy to do it. With scientific studies, we now hold more information on how people age, and how we can lead healthier years.

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How you look right now can be attributed to good genes but when you look younger than your age, it’s got to do with gene expression – a simple term which describes how genes communicate to cells. Youthful gene expression occurs when the genes continue expressing themselves as if they were young, allowing the body to remain youthful. Contrary to the belief that how we age has already been set in stone, youthful gene expression can be influenced, say experts.

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Have you wondered why some foods affect the way your skin looks after? Skin is the largest organ of our body, and it reflects many aspects of our health, especially when our skin takes a beating from pollution and free radicals on a daily basis. Having a great skincare regimen with plenty of antioxidants and sunscreen matters when it comes to anti-ageing.

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If you reduce your caloric intake by 30 to 40 per cent, while maintaining proper nutrition, you’ll probably live longer. Research studies on caloric restrictions have discovered that two mice raised in identical living conditions with one significant difference – one was fed a regular caloric-nutritious diet, while the other has restricted caloric intake with nutritional supplementation – yielded results where the mice with restricted diet had younger physical features and organs.

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It was mentioned earlier that gene expression can be influenced, but they can only do so much to delay the ageing process. Lifestyle habits like smoking, getting enough sleep and eating a well-balanced diet all play a part in affecting how we age.


MYTH: You’ll have crow's feet if your parents have them too

FACT: The good news is, gene expression is not hereditary. This means you are able to influence and change the way genes communicate with your cells, which in turn affects the way your body ages.

MYTH: Age spots are hereditary

FACT: Although genes determine how light or dark your skin can be, age spots are actually caused by the number of melanocytes in the body – cells which produce melanin. Pigmentation spots are results of long-term exposure to the sun. So, always put on sunscreen and reapply if prolonged sun exposure is inevitable.

MYTH: Ageing is dependent solely on environmental factors

FACT: Although factors like pollution, smoking and consumption of alcohol can lead to age-related diseases, a large part of it is endogenous, meaning they originate from within us.