Your Beach Holiday Essentials

You’re off to the sun, sand and sea…but don’t leave home without these!

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You’re off to the sun, sand and sea…but don’t leave home without these!
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Your flight’s booked and you’re set for that beach villa vacay you’ve been waiting for. But you’ve got one final task before boarding and that’s packing. Don’t overpack (you’re on a beach holiday!), but there’s also nothing more frustrating than rummaging through your luggage to find you’ve left out an essential. Some things you can do without (expensive jewellery best left in locked drawer at home), but make these the top of your must-pack list:

1 SWIMSUITS If you’re going for a week, pack two so that one can be hung to dry while you wear another. If you haven’t donned your swimsuit in a while, check that the fabric still has good stretch and fit. You don’t want to pull it on at the resort only to find it’s been worn thin! There are also many fab swimsuits designed to flatter your body, check out our guide on pg 66 for the perfect one for your shape!

2 SUNGLASSES It’s not only a fashion accessory, but the right pair will shield your face and eyes from various forms of harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. When buying sunnies, look for those with lenses offering 100 per cent UV protection. UVB, which is super intense and the cause of sunburns and cancer, can be hazardous to the eyes, while UVA has been linked to the development of certain cataracts.

3 HAT There are many different styles to suit your personality. Be it a Panama, fedora, visor or floppy straw hat, it not only gives you added protection from the sun, but can be used to dress up a simple outfit. Packing tip: To avoid crushing your hat in your luggage, first stuff the crown with a rolled up piece of heavy clothing. Make sure the crown is fully filled. Then, sit the hat upright into your bag (preferably on a flat surface of clothes). Pack your other clothes around the hat, and finally layer more clothes on top so it’s flat. However, if your bag is packed to the brim, it’s best to wear the hat onboard!

4 SUNSCREEN It’s a given, yet how often have we forgotten this essential? And when you do have it, are you applying enough? As a rule of thumb, the right amount of sunscreen to use is about half a teaspoon – in other words, you need to use a copious amount, almost like you’re putting on too much. If you don’t like that thick, greasy feel, try a sunscreen with a watery gel texture like the Shiseido Perfect UV Protector HydroFresh SPF 50+ PA++++. It’s absorbed quickly, and is comfortable to wear even in hot weather. As you’re going to be under direct sunlight, a minimum SPF 50 is the way to go. The sunscreen has a Superveil-UV 360, which acts like a veil that adheres to the skin’s contours, preventing UV rays reaching from any angle. Other factors like contact with water or sweat also affects how thorough your skin is safeguarded against sun damage. The Perfect UV Protector HydroFresh comes with a unique WetForce Technology which, believe it or not, becomes stronger as you get wet. Negative ions in the sunscreen connect with positive-charged ions in water and sweat to form a waterrepelling protective layer which shields skin from ultraviolet rays.

5 BB CREAM If you love your water sports, but also want to look good while doing them, make this a mustpack. Shiseido Sports for BB offers natural coverage that doesn’t slide off even when you sweat. Containing the same technology and offering the protection of the Perfect UV Protector Hydrofresh, this clever BB also contains a specially formulated contouring powder made from white pearl that deflects light only at the high points of the face, to create a slimmer-looking visage. An Amino Complex also helps ensure skin’s moisture levels stay at its optimum.
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