5 laundry rules to BREAK

If you’ve always washed your clothes according to some ofn these rules, it’s time to break them and follow new ones.

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If you’ve always washed your clothes according to some ofn these rules, it’s time to break them and follow new ones.
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OLD RULE #1 Just Throw Everything Into The Washer
It’s tempting to save time and energy by skipping the pre-sorting and pre-treating process, but don’t!
NEW RULE #1 Do Your Prep Work

It’s important to wash like colours together, so always do that as it helps prevent colour transfers. Go through your dirty clothes and pretreat any stains, so they come off better during the washing process.

OLD RULE #2 Launder In Cold Water
It may be kinder to the planet, but microbiologists have shown that after a cool wash, our clean clothes may be anything but. This also means the other things you are washing, including your tea towel, could be picking up unpleasant waste.
NEW RULE #2 Bring On The Heat

Wash with hot water, separating germy clothes (socks, undies) from facecloths and tea towels.

OLD RULE #3 To Sort,Or Not To Sort?
Sorting clothes after washing into piles belonging to each family member or by colours and types can drive anyone crazy. So stop!
NEW RULE #3 Get Everyone In On The Action

Place all your laundered items in one giant basket, and have each member of the family responsible for retrieving, folding and storing their own items. 

OLD RULE #4 The More Detergent, The Better
If you’ve always believed that adding more detergent can help clean and disinfect your dirty laundry better, then it’s time to change your view. Excess detergent creates more suds, which can get caked in the fabrics of your clothes when not washed out properly.
NEW RULE #4 Less Is More, So Go Easy

Most detergents indicate the amount you should use, so follow closely or if in doubt, use less. With the efficacy of detergents and efficiency of new washers nowadays, your laundry will still come out thoroughly clean.

OLD RULE #5 No Need For A Front Loader
If you’ve always used a top load washing machine, you may believe there’s no point in upgrading or changing to a front loader. But in many aspects, a front loader can perform as well, or even better, as it is optimised to use water and soap for better wash efficiency compared to its top-loading counterpart.
NEW RULE #5 Wash Efficiently With A Front Loader
Switch to a front load washing machine like the Panasonic NA - 120VX6WSG Front Loading Washing Machine, which comes with the industry’s fastest 49-min Active Speed Wash to remove stains fast using ultra-fine foam, and a Double Hygiene feature for intensive multi stain removal and bacteria elimination. It’s also great on water efficiency, achieving 4 ticks on the WELS thanks to its ECONA VI sensors and Inverter that optimises washing. At $1,299, from major authorised retailers.