Banish fatigue

Worn out physically and mentally? These reviving tips will help restore your va-va-voom.

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Worn out physically and mentally? These reviving tips will help restore your va-va-voom.

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1 Get Your Metals

Chances are you’re aware that getting enough iron and magnesium are important for keeping you fired up. But did you know that cobalt and copper are other metallic essentials? Cobalt is one of the elements that makes up vitamin B12, a well-known energy booster, while copper helps trigger the release of iron from food (which then carries oxygen around your system). An easy solution is to include some unsalted mixed nuts in your diet, which will give you an excellent dose of both, as well as magnesium.

2 Just Say ‘Yes’

When you’re feeling tired and weak, your go-todestination is probably the sofa. But when it comes to energy, often what you put in you get out. “Doing positive things will make you more energised,” says psychologist Miriam Akhtar. “And we’re not necessarily talking about exercise. Saying ‘yes’ to a bite of lunch with a colleague, having dinner with friends or taking an evening stroll with your other half could shift you out of your funk.” Vow to say ‘yes’ once a day this week when normally you wouldn’t, and see if a change really is as good as a rest.

3 Seek The Great Outdoors

Just five minutes of being outside can recharge you, say researchers from the University of Essex in UK. And the biggest effect was seen in those who spent that time near water. In fact, the blue stuff seems to have a powerful effect on our well-being, as research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology has shown that even looking at pictures of water can make us feel more restored and refreshed. Head for a park that has a river, or take a walk on the beach to get a boost of H2O that works from outside in. Failing all that, head to Pinterest and search for ‘sea’. Try it: It really does work!

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