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Knowing what causes wrinkles can help you slow down the clock on your skin

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Knowing what causes wrinkles can help you slow down the clock on your skin
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Skin ageing is an inevitable part of our lives; intrinsic skin ageing is caused by internal factors like genetics, reduced collagen production and slowed cellular regeneration. They are a part of physical changes that come with growing old and there really isn’t much that you can do about it. However, extrinsic skin ageing is caused by external circumstances which can be controlled, enabling you to maintain your youth for longer. 

UV damage 

Sun exposure is the number one cause for premature skin ageing. The scariest thing is, most of the damage that has been accumulated will only show up much later. The pigmentation and spots that creep up on you in your 30s are most likely caused by sun exposure that happened during your teenage years. Using a sunscreen can block up to 98 per cent of UV rays and like sun damage, the benefits of using sunscreen are not immediate, but your future self will thank you for it. 

Free radicals 

Free radicals are molecules that have a missing electron, which makes them highly unstable. They can occur within the body as a result of metabolism, but they may also come in the form of pollution, radiation and even cigarette smoke. When they come in contact with skin cells, they capture electrons from the cells in a bid to stabilise themselves. As a result, the cells’ DNA and membrane are destabilised and weakened, causing skin to lose its firmness over time. With advanced research in skin care technology, products like the Cosme Decorte iP.Shot is able to eliminate free radicals and strengthen cell membranes. 


Every puff of cigarette smoke releases more than 100 trillion free radicals into the air, causing oxidation and cell damage. Chemicals are also absorbed by the body when you smoke, causing blood vessels to constrict and limiting nutrients to the skin. Smoking also affects collagen production, affecting the skin’s structure, leading to formation of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Facial expression 

Some of us have the habit of making certain facial expressions without knowing it – frowning a lot when we’re deep in thought or a really jovial laugh because we’re easily tickled. Over time, these facial expressions cause stress on the skin, forming lines and wrinkles. Coupled with a unique application technique, the Cosme Decorte iP.Shot is able to firm and lift skin so that it looks instantly lifted, making expression lines less pronounced. 


Healthy skin is made up of about 10 to 20 percent water. When skin is dehydrated, it appears dull, flaky and prone to lines due to weakened elastin and collagen. Aside from drinking sufficient water, topical application of the iP.Shot can help with the hydration of skin, and maintain the integrity of skin’s lipids so that it is able to defend itself against external aggressors.