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My children laughed when I recited this: “Nothing is really lost until your mum can’t find it.”

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My children laughed when I recited this: “Nothing is really lost until your mum can’t find it.” They laughed because they knew I spoke the truth! How many times have they hunted high and low for a missing item, and all you did was walked right to the spot where it had been sitting?

In many instances, mothers do know best. It comes not from being superior to fathers, but from having an inexplicable bond with our children. Perhaps it stems from the fact that we first knew them – carrying each for nine months, but I think being women, we’re also more intuitive to their needs. As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, Senior Features Writer Natalya Molok spoke to celebrities who openly shared how their mother shaped their lives through their sacrifice and love, in “Mum’s The Word”, page 28.

Natalya also tracked down SG’s most-loved mother, May Schooling, and asked her what it’s like raising an Olympic gold medallist, page 84. May shares, “I just tried to bring Joseph up as a happy, normal boy who enjoyed whatever he enjoyed… and I allowed him to enjoy it.” So wise.

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Editor-in-Chief Barbara Koh.
Editor-in-Chief Barbara Koh.
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Clockwise from left: Fly Entertainment Artiste Carla Dunareanu is more than happy to give her mother Irene Chia all the air-time during their photo shoot. All eyes are on our cover girl, actress Rebecca Lim, who turned it on for the cameras the moment we said, “action”. And Senior Features Writer Natalya Molok with Joseph Schooling’s mother, May.

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