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Make the most of your makeup with these nifty tricks.

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Make the most of your makeup with these nifty tricks.

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It’s no question that makeup can work wonders. The right application can make blemishes vanish magically, enhance our features, and give us a more wide-awake appearance. We’re constantly on the hunt for products that last longer and work better. To make the most of your investments, pick up these useful makeup tips and tricks and you’ll be applying them on confidently like a pro in no time.

Matchy- Matchy

Coordinate blush and lip colours by using complementary tones instead of opposing ones.

Makeup In A Flash

If you only have five minutes to spare for makeup, work on your eye makeup first as they require steady hands. Use your commute to apply foundation and blusher.

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Ace The Base

Make bright eye shadows pop by applying a white or light cream base. This also helps powder eye shadow last throughout the day.

Cover Dark Eye Circles

Apply concealer in a reverse triangle pointing down towards the cheeks. This will cover dark eye circles more seamlessly.

Maximised Lashes

Instead of sticking to one mascara, maximise your eyelashes’ potential by first using a lengthening mascara, then going over it with a coat of volumising mascara.

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Revive Dry Eyeliners

Heat eyeliner for a few seconds with a hair dryer to get a smoother, intense line.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Prep your lips for lip colour by gently scrubbing it with a toothbrush.

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Oil Up

If skin gets cranky when you travel in winter, add two drops of facial oil, like Cle De Peau Beaute’s Radiant Multi Repair Oil, $200, to your foundation to make it extra hydrating.

No More Smears

To help lip colour last longer, place a tissue over your lips and dust loose powder over it.

Hide The Spots

Neutralise redness with a green colour corrector. Just dab on before concealer!

Instant Plumpness

Fake plumper lips by using a lip liner to draw just outside of your natural lip line and fill in with a matching lipstick shade.

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Draw Attention To Your Pout

Help lips appear plumper by applying some frosted cheek or eye shadow colour on the centre of your lips.

Highlighter Trick

A simple trick to looking more awake is to apply highlighter in the middle of your lid, brow bone and inner corner of your eye.

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Stay Matte

If you have oilier skin, use loose powder to set your makeup and nix the shine. However, if you end up using too much, spray on makeup-setting mist to take away any heaviness.

No More Shine

If you suffer from the dreaded midday shine, use oil blotters or a tissue to take away the sebum before you reapply your powder. Applying more powder on top of oily skin will only make your foundation slide further.

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Go Light

For lighter coverage, add foundation to your moisturiser. Use water-based foundations to water-based moisturisers for a seamless blend.

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White Magic

The secret to creating largerlooking eyes is to line your waterline with white eyeliner.

Fake Eight-Hour Sleep

Concealers with peach, salmon or orange undertones work best to cover dark eye circles. Regular yellow-toned concealers will give a grey tinge when applied on the under-eye area.

Wear The Right Lip Colour

Use a lip colour with the right undertones for your skin. Warm-toned skin should be matched with lipsticks with warm undertones.

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Lippie Change Tip

Apply a copious amount of lip balm (try Mentholatum’s Deep Moist, $7.90), wait for about 10 secs, then wipe off lip colour. Lips stay moisturised and smooth.

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Customise Your Skin Care

An innovative and revolutionary anti-ageing skin care system, ageLOC Me® combines Nu Skin’s most sophisticated skin care products to date with the benefit of customisation. ageLOC Me comes with a reference set of five skincare products. After using this combination, you take the ageLOC Me Skin Assessment which generates a personal skin care code, used to order a custom set of products.

Dispensing of products is touchless and therefore hygienic. More importantly, it uses each customer’s specific combination of products in combining three powerful serums to create each dose. It then tracks each dose, so that it can remind you to place your next order when needed. Sold exclusively by Nu Skin Enterprises Authorized Distributors. Contact Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore at 6311 8300 for more information.

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Inner Glow

Apply highlighters before foundation to give skin the illusion of a glow from within.

Sky-high Curves

For curled lashes that last all day, heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer first. Then, curl lashes at the base and tilt your curler upwards.

All-Day Eyeliners

Help eyeliner stay on all day by going over the eyeliner with a matching eye shadow colour.

Primer Donna

Using a primer can help makeup go on smoothly, keep dry skin moisturised, banish shine or prolong the wear of your makeup.

Look To The Kitchen

If you run out of makeup remover, don’t panic. Use about a 50-cent coin amount of olive oil, spread it on the face and gently massage.

Prevent Eye Infection

Always toss your mascara after three months of use or risk eye infections, especially if you wear contact lenses. Avoid pumping the wand in and out as it will dry out the formula.

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Bring Out Your Eyes

Using an eyeliner with opposing undertones can bring out your eyes. If you have brown eyes, try reaching for a blue eyeliner!

Fix The Boo-boo

If you make a small mistake when applying makeup, use a cotton bud and some eye cream to gently remove the smudge.

Brighter Smile

Wearing a red lipstick with blue undertones can really help your teeth appear whiter, but if you want to take it a step further, apply red lip stain on your gums to really show off those pearly whites.

Stay, Don’t Stray

Sweep loose powder at the outer corner of your eye to set the foundation and to prevent eyeliner from straying during the day.

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The Revlon® Luxurious ColorSilk Buttercream™ is an ammonia-free, permanent cream hair colour with Buttercream technology. Enriched with Argan Oil and Triple Butter Complex – Mango, Shea and Coconut Butter, it enhances delivery of colour, conditioning and shine in both the colouring process and post-conditioning treatment.

Application is a cinch with the drip-free, indulgent formula that saturates and fortifies every strand, spreading easily and distributing rich colour evenly for 100 per cent grey coverage. It also contains polymers that help prevent over-depositing, so you can enjoy uniform, lustrous colour from root to tip with a patented UV absorber that helps keep your hair colour from fading.

Comes in eight gorgeous shades for every hair colour, type and texture. At $15.90, from major Watsons, FairPrice, FairPrice Xtra and FairPrice Finest outlets.

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You can also try Revlon® ColorSilk Beautiful Color™ which uses the Revlon 3D Color Technology™ to deliver natural looking, multi-tonal colour from hair root to tip. Or try Revlon® Top Speed™ containing Mother of Pearl and Ginseng Root Extract to make hair shinier and more resilient. Grey hair can be significantly covered in just 5 minutes. Or go for Revlon® ColorSilk Luminista™ which saturates dark hair with vibrant, shimmering colour while subduing brassiness.