Smile Your Way To A Neater House

We know how time consuming cleaning the house can be, so here’s how to turn boring chores into a pleasurable ritual you’ll want to repeat.

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We know how time consuming cleaning the house can be, so here’s how to turn boring chores into a pleasurable ritual you’ll want to repeat.

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Firstly, the calories burned while you’re doing household chores can really add up. In fact, many household chores burn just as many calories as workouts do. According to recent research, an hour of housework can burn an average of 250 calories. Just vacuuming for 30 minutes burns about 90 calories, the same amount you’d burn in 15 minutes of kickboxing.


Before you start cleaning, take a minute to apply beauty products that will weave their magic while you weave yours. You can have a squeakyclean house and silky conditioned hair in the same amount of time. Load up your lips with vitamin E oil or a lip mask. Slather your feet in moisturiser and pop on thick socks. Apply a rich moisturiser to your hands, and then slip on soft cotton gloves.


Bribe yourself: Have a bite of chocolate every time you complete a major task (beware if you have more than six major tasks!). Or share the cleaning load with family, and sweeten the deal for them by offering them a little treat after they’re done with their chores.


The right household equipment makes all the difference in making cleaning a painless affair. Make choosing a good vacuum cleaner your top priority, as that’s one of the major tools you will need. We recommend the Tefal Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic. As its name suggests, it doesn’t make a sound when you use it, all thanks to its low-noise motor. This is a handy feature if you often do your chores at night, or if you have to do them while your little ones are napping. This cyclonic vacuum cleaner also comes with multiple brushes for cleaning different areas of the home from a Maxi Turbo Brush to remove pet hair and dust from carpets to an Easy Brush and Sofa Brush designed for cleaning furniture. Disposing of the dust accumulated is also fuss-free; all you have to do is to detach the dust container, flip open the lid and empty it straight into the trash without getting your hands dirty. And while the days of bad haze are now behind us, you might be pleased to know that this nifty tool also purifies the air while it cleans. Make the versatile Tefal Silence Force Multi- Cyclonic a mainstay in your home – cleaning will be a whole lot more effortless and fun. W

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Tefal Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner TW8356 is available at major electronic stores and selected department stores.