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This month we tackle the issues of body love and body confidence.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

This month we tackle the issues of body love and body confidence. I have to admit these aren’t my strong suits always having been curvy and handed out a few more lumps and bumps than the average Singaporean woman. But through the years, especially after having children, I’ve been a bit more forgiving and accepting of my body - and you do learn how to dress to complement your shape!

Naturally, I’m completely in awe of the women who have boldly agreed to “Dare To Bare”, page 22. I love what Cheryl Tay, founder of the body positive movement Rock The Naked Truth, is doing – encouraging others to be comfortable in their own skin and to learn there’s more to life than just being a slave to the numbers on the weighing scale. Cheryl, right, who’s battled with weight issues in her youth, says, “Instead of focusing on being a certain shape or forcing myself not to eat, I’ve come to love my body for what it is and what it can do for me.” We’ve also shared ways where you can discover how strong your body can be - turn to page 85 to learn to take charge of your health so you can be fitter and stronger (thinner is not the objective here).

We also celebrate fathers this month. Don’t miss their touching stories in “The Love Of A Father”, page 96. To my papa in Aus, Happy Father’s Day and have a beer on me!

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