What we’re all talking about this month.

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What we’re all talking about this month.

Which Bond Girl Are You?

Find out which iconic character from the Bond franchise you embody before the 25th movie, No Time To Die, hits the big screen.

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1. Pick your best asset:

A Legs

B Boobs

C Face

D Brain

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2. Who is your favourite Bond actor?

A Sean Connery

B Daniel Craig

C Pierce Brosnan

D Roger Moore

3. What is your weapon of choice?

A Shoe blade

B Poison

C A firearm

D Sarcasm and wit

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4. How would you seduce James Bond?

A Get him a martini, shaken not stirred

B Paint your body gold

C Play it cool

D Challenge him to a game

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5. Which country would you escape to?

A Russia

B Japan

C England


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6. You see someone in danger, what do you do?

A Try to help them

B Call the police

C Get others to do something

D Stand by and watch the drama

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Mostly A: Nomi, No Time To Die, played by Lashana Lynch

You’re strong, intelligent, sexual and confident. It’ll take a tough man to satisfy your needs. You’re a career girl who wants it all and doesn’t need a man to get it.

Mostly B: Jinx, Die Another Day, played by Halle Berry

You ooze natural charm from every curve of your body. You tend to go for the ruggedly handsome kind of man, and someone who’s going to be your equal.

Mostly C: Wai Lin, Tomorrow Never Dies, played by Michelle Yeoh

You might be a rough and tough type of Bond girl, but that doesn’t make you any less attractive. You don’t go out with men, you go for gentlemen.

Mostly D: Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale, played by Eva Green

Brains are more important to you than beauty, and that’s what you look for in your men, too. You’d rather impress a man with your conversation than your cleavage.

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Famous & Frugal

They may be celebrities that earn millions of dollars a year, but these stars love stretching their dollar.

Sarah Jessica Parker: This fashionista is happy to dress herself and her three little ones in second-hand clothes, and loves getting hand-me-downs.

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Gillian Chung: The Hong Kong actress doesn’t let her doctor husband sponge off her saying, “he’s never spent a single cent of my money”.

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Tyra Banks: Instead of getting a decorator, Tyra tackles home DIY projects like updating her walls with a fresh coat of paint by herself to pinch pennies.

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Leonardo DiCaprio: The millionaire playboy only owns one car, a Toyota Prius, and eschews private jets for commercial flights to save money and protect the Earth.

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Chow Yun-Fat: He may be a legend, but Chow Yun Fat is so thrifty he used the same first-generation Nokia phone for 17 years before it conked out on him.

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Green Queens

When it comes to saving the planet, these dedicated celebrities are planetary all-stars.

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Cindy Crawford is a model citizen advocating for reducing the number of plastic water bottles that end up in the Earth’s landfills.

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Jessica Alba started a crueltyfree brand, The Honest Company, which offers sustainable household and baby products.

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Li Bingbing watches what she wears. She’s collaborated with fashion brands on eco-friendly threads and accessories several times.

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Spilling The Royal Tea

Move aside Meghan, it’s time for Prince George to shine! HBO Max has green-lighted an animated series that centres on Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s first-born son. Tentatively titled “The Prince”, the cartoon follows the lives of the British Royals through the eyes of young George and was inspired by Gary Janetti’s wildly popular satirical Instagram account @garyjanetti.

The show has managed to put together an impressive voice cast thus far, including Orlando Bloom who is slated to lend his vocal chops to the recently independent Prince Harry.