The Best Of The Best In Household Essentials

Together with your votes and our industry insights, we bring you our 11th Domestic Diva Awards – your essential shopping guide for the best in food pantry items, household must-haves, and home and kitchen appliances.

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Together with your votes and our industry insights, we bring you our 11th Domestic Diva Awards – your essential shopping guide for the best in food pantry items, household must-haves, and home and kitchen appliances.

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Best Food Staples For Your Fridge & Pantry

Keep your kitchen stocked with these award-winning food items, so you can whip up delicious and nutritious meals, and snack away at any time.


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(Clockwise from top left)

Best Full Cream Milk

Meiji Pasteurized Fresh Milk

Best Low-Fat Milk

Marigold HL Milk

Best Soya Milk

F&N NutriSoy High Calcium Fresh Soya Milk - Reduced Sugar

Best Block Cheese

Kraft Processed Cheddar Cheese

Best Grated Cheese

Cowhead Natural Cheddar Cheese

Best Spreadable Cheese 

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreadable

Best Sliced Cheese

Kraft Hi-Calcium Singles Cheese

Best Soya Bean Milk Packet Drink

F&N NutriSoy Soya Milk With Calcium - Reduced Sugar

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(From left, top down)

Best Shredded Cheese

Emborg Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Best Flavoured Yoghurt

Meiji Low Fat Yoghurt with Mango

Best Cheese Snacks

The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers – Original

Best Greek Style Yoghurt

Farmers Union Greek Natural Yoghurt

Best Natural Yoghurt

Marigold Low Fat Yoghurt Natural

Best Flavoured Yoghurt Drink

Marigold Yoghurt Drink - Strawberry

Best Natural-Flavour Yoghurt Drink

Meiji Bulgaria Mild Sweetened Drinking Yoghurt

Best Salted Block Butter

SCS Pure Creamery Butter Block - Salted

Best Unsalted Block Butter

SCS Pure Creamery Butter Block - Unsalted

Best Butter Spread

Lurpak Spreadable Butter Slightly Salted

Best Olive Oil Spread

Naturel Olive Spread


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(From left, top down)

Best Cereal

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

Best Cereal for Kids

Nestle Koko Krunch Cereal

Best Healthy Cereal

Post Great Grains Cereal - Banana Nut Crunch

Best Tortilla Wrap

Mission Wraps - Original

Best Wholemeal Bread

Sunshine 100% Whole Grains Ultra Fine Wholemeal Bread

Best Milk Bread

Bonjour Enriched Milk Bread

Best White Bread 

Gardenia Enriched White Bread

Best Raisin Loaf

Gardenia California Raisin Loaf

Best Jam

St. Dalfour Strawberry Jam

Best Kaya Spread

Ya Kun Kaya

Best Peanut Butter

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter


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(From top)

Best Cooking Oil

Knife 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Naturel Olive Oil - Extra Virgin

Best Sesame Oil

Double Pagoda Pure Sesame Oil


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(From left, top down)

Best Pasta

San Remo Spaghetti

Best Pasta For Kids

Alce Nero Organic Durum Wheat Pasta - Vegetable Alphabet

Best Instant Noodles (Packet)

Nissin Instant Noodles - Sesame Oil

Best Instant Noodles (Cup)

Nissin Instant Cup Noodles - Tom Yam Seafood

Best Brown Rice

SongHe Noble Brown Rice

Best White Rice

Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali Rice

Best Mixed Rice

SongHe Mixed Fragrant Rice + Noble Red Rice

Best Soup Stock (Can)

Campbell’s Condensed Soup - Cream Of Mushroom

Best Soup Stock (Concentrate)

Maggi Concentrated Chicken Stock

Best Soup Stock (Cubes)

Knorr Stock Cubes - Vegetable

Best Toddler Goat’s Milk Formula

Karihome Goat Milk Growing-Up Formula - Stage 3

Best Toddler Cow’s Milk Formula

Abbott Similac Gain 2’-FL Stage 3

Best Toddler Soy Milk Formula

Abbott Isomil Growing Up Soy Milk Formula - Step 3

Best Toddler Organic Milk Formula

Abbott Similac Organic Growing Up Milk Formula - Stage 3


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(From top)

Best Canned Tuna

Ayam Brand Tuna Mayonnaise

Best Canned Sardines

Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Best Canned Luncheon Meat

MaLing Pork Luncheon Meat

Best Canned Fruits

Del Monte Fruit Cocktail


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(From left, top down)

Best Pasta Sauce (Tomato)

Prego Tomato Pasta Sauce - Traditional

Best Sambal Chilli

Sing Long Belachan Sauce

Best XO Sauce

Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce Regular

Best Ketchup

Maggie Tomato Sauce

Best Light Soy Sauce 

Tai Hua Special Light Soy Sauce

Best Dark Soy Sauce 

Tai Hua Superior Dark Soy Sauce

Best Steamboat Base

Hai Di Lao Tomato Hot Pot Seasoning

Best Chilli Sauce

Maggi Chilli Sauce

Best Oyster Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Premium Brand Oyster Sauce

Best Hot Sauce

Tabasco Pepper Sauce

Best Fish Sauce

Knife Authentic Thai Fish Sauce (Reduced Salt)

Best Vegetarian Oyster Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce - Golden Vegetarian (Mushroom)

Best Premix Cooking Paste

Prima Taste Authentic Asia Fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste


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(From left, top down)

Best Ice Cream (Tub)

F&N Magnolia Neapolitan Ice Cream

Best Frozen Hawaiian Pizza

Sunshine Pizza Crust Thin 9” - Aloha

Best Frozen Pepperoni Pizza

Dr Oetker Pepperoni Pizza

Best Frozen Potato Snack

Farmland Premium Shoestring Fries - Grade A

Best Frozen Meat

Sadia Frozen Chicken Mid Joint Wings

Best Ice Cream (Bar/Stick)

Magnum Almond Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream (Pint) 

Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream

Best Frozen Dumplings

CP Shrimp Wonton - Jumbo

Best Frozen Fried Chicken Snack

CP Easy Snack Roasted Hot Wing

Best Frozen Roti Prata

Spring Home Roti Paratha - Plain


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(From left, top down)

Best Potato Chips (Spicy)

Calbee Hot & Spicy Potato Chips

Best Potato Chips (Original)

Lay’s Classic Potato Chips

Best Nuts

Nature’s Wonder Baked Almonds

Best Butter Cookies

Cowhead Danish Butter Cookies

Best Biscuits

Loacker Quadratini Crispy Wafers - Dark Chocolate


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(From left, top down)

Best Orange Juice

Florida’s Natural 100% Premium Orange Juice - No Pulp

Best Bottled Lemon Tea

Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon Tea

Best Bottled Green Tea

Authentic Tea House Ayataka Green Tea

Best Specialty Fruit Juice

Marigold Peel Fresh Select Yuzu Juice Drink

Best Bottled Jasmine Green Tea

Pokka Jasmine Green Tea

Best Sparkling Water

Ice Mountain Sparkling Bottle Water - Classic

Best Instant Chocolate Drink

Cadbury 3 in 1 Hot Chocolate Drink

Best Instant Coffee (Kopi-O)

Aik Cheong KopiO Coffee - Original

Best Instant Coffee (2-in-1)

Nescafe 2-in-1 Instant Coffee - Original

Best Bottled Water

Ice Mountain Pure Drinking Bottle Water

Best Instant Coffee (3-in-1)

Old Town 3 in 1 Instant white Coffee - Less Sugar

Best Instant Ground Coffee

Nescafe Gold Blend Instant Soluble Coffee

Best Instant Milk Tea

Lipton 3 in 1 Instant Milk Tea Latte - Classic

Best Coconut Water

UFC Refresh 100% Coconut Water


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(From left)

Best Supermarket

FairPrice Finest

Best Online Supermarket

FairPrice Online (

Best Appliances & Tools For Your Home

These tried and trusted household and kitchen essentials make chores easier, so you can spend more time on the things that matter.


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(From left, top down)

Best Cookware (Pot)

WMF Fusiontec 24cm Cooking Bowl in Rose Quartz

Best Thermal Cooker

Tiger Thermal Magic Cookers

Best Pressure Cooker

Toyomi 5.0L Micro-com Pressure & Rice Cooker with Duo Pot (PC 5090)

Best Cookware (Pans)

Tefal Ingenio Expertise

Best Knives (For Serious Cooks)

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star Series – Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set

Best Knives (For Everyday Cooking)

WMF Spitzenklasse Plus Knife Block With Knives

Best Vacuum Food Jar

Thermos SK-3000 Food Jar with Folding Spoon


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(From left, top down)

Best Rice Cooker

Philips Avance Collection IH Rice Cooker (HD4535/62)

Best Multi-Cooker

Philips Deluxe Collection All-In-One Cooker (HD2145/62)

Best Electric Kettle

Philips Avance Collection Nourishing Kettle (HD9450/81)

Best Stand Mixer

Kenwood Titanium XL 6.7L Stand Mixer

Best High-Performance Blender

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender with Thermal Control Jar (5KSB8270BCA)

Best Vacuum Blender 

Beko Vacuum Blender 1.7L (TBV8104BX)

Best Personal Blender

Oster My Blend Personal Blend

Best Juicer

Philips Viva Collection Masticating juicer (HR1889/71)

Best Food Processor

KitchenAid 7-Cup Food Processor (5KFP0719BAC)

Best Slow Juicer

Hurom H200 Easy Series Slow Juicer

Best Overall Blender

Philips High Speed Vacuum Blender (HR3752/01)

Best Built-in Oven

Electrolux 70L CombiSteam Deluxe Oven (EOB8857AAX)

Best Toaster Oven

Tefal Equinox 9L Toaster Oven

Best Steam Oven

Panasonic Superheated Steam Convection Oven 30L (NU-SC300BYPQ)

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(From left, top down)

Best Microwave Oven

Samsung Hotblast 28L Convection Microwave Oven

Best Electric Steamer

Tefal Convenient Stainless Steel Steamer

Best Steamboat Pot

Mayer Induction Cooker (MMIC312)

Best Air Fryer

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL (HD9860/91)

Best Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Samsung SpaceMax Side by Side 617L

Best Top-Freezer Refrigerator

LG Black Mirror Top Freezer Refrigerator 506L (GT-T5107BM)

Best Coffee Maker

Delonghi Prima Donna Elite Experience Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Best Espresso Machine

Nespresso Essenza Plus Machine

Best Water Filtration System

Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313

Best Water Dispenser

Novita Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W9

Best Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

LG Bottom Mount Fridge with DoorCooling+ 408L (GBB4059MT)

Best Slow Cooker

Mayer Slow Cooker (MMSC35)

Best French Door Refrigerator

LG InstaView Door-in-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator in Matte Black 601L (GF-Q6018MT)

Best Smart Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Multi Door 550L


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(From left, top down)

Best Air Purifier

Novita 4-in-1 Air Purifier (A4S)

Best Standing Fan

KDK Standing Fan M40KS

Best Tower Fan

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Fan

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba i7+

Best Steam Iron

Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron (GC5039/30)

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner + Best Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Cyclone V11 Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner

Best Ironing System

Miele B 3847 FashionMaster Steam Ironing System

Best Front-load Washing Machine

Samsung QuickDrive, 9Kg, Front Load

Best Vertical Garment Steamer

Novita Garment Steamer (SS38)

Best Top-load Washing Machine

LG TurboWash3D Top Load Washing Machine (TH2517SSAK)

Best Dryer

LG Smart Dryer with Dual Inverter Heat Pump (9kg) (TD-H90WD)

Best Dishwasher

Bosch Serie 8 Free-standing Dishwasher in Silver Inox (SMS88TI03E)


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(From left, top down)

Best Liquid Laundry Detergent

Dynamo Power Gel Laundry Detergent – Regular

Best Laundry Stain Remover

Vanish Liquid Fabric Stain Remover

Best Powder Laundry Detergent

Top Powder Laundry Detergent (Super Low Suds, Colour Protect)

Best Dishwashing Liquid

Mama Lemon Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon Gold)

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Bio-Home Laundry Detergent (Regular)

Best Fabric Softener 

Downy Fabric Conditioner – Anti-Bacterial

Best Eco-Friendly Dishwashing Liquid

UIC Natural Plus Ultra Dishwashing Liquid - Anti-Bacterial

Best Fabric Freshener

Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray – Extra Strength

Best Surface Cleaner

Cif Cream Surface Cleanser – Lemon


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(From left, top down)

Best Knives (For Premium Everyday Cooking)

Kai Hand-Crafted Shun Knives & Knife Block

Best Thermal Food Carrier

Endo Thermal Food Carriers

Best Innovative Cookware

Happycall Crocodile IH Graphene Cookware Series

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Del Monte Fruit Cocktail

Fruity Goodness 

If you love a treat, make it a fruity one with Del Monte Fruit Cocktail. Picked and packed fresh on the same day to retain their natural flavours, this refreshing blend of sun-ripened fruit – including peaches, pears, grapes, pineapple and cherries – will delight both young and old. 

Perfectly delicious right out of the can, you no longer have to wait for fruits to be in season to enjoy them. You can also get creative and use these beautiful chunks of fruit to whip up a variety of treats. From yoghurt parfait to konnyaku fruit jelly to ice kachang, it takes seconds to transform a simple snack into a dazzling dessert. 

Need a party-worthy creation? Add this colourful cocktail into a layered trifle or use the pretty fruit to decorate a cake or pie. With the convenience of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail, the possibilities are endless!

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Del Monte products are available at major supermarkets.


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Del Monte Aloe Vera in Lite Syrup

With 25 percent lower in sugar than regular canned fruits, you can savour this without worrying about consuming calories. Aloe vera can also help to fend off free radicals and boost your immune system, so eat up!

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Del Monte Fiesta Tropical Fruit Mix

Containing a cheerful medley of pineapple, papaya, nata de coco and cherries, add generous servings of fruits to your family’s diet combination with the Del Monte Fiesta Tropical Fruit Mix.

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Happycall Crocodile IH Graphene Cookware Series

Cooking Made Easy

A smart chef knows that the right cookware can make a huge difference in how your food turns out – and with a sturdy set of reliable pans, you can always cook your favourite dishes to perfection.

Not only do these quality pans from South Korean brand Happycall look elegant in your kitchen, they are also coated with graphene, an innovative material in a honeycomb structure, which conducts high-heat efficiently. This impressive, high-tech material is 200 times stronger than steel, harder than diamonds and thinner than paper. Graphene’s resistivity also means that their scratch-resistant coatings can withstand the test of time, and will not corrode easily. On top of that, this cookware range is made without PFOA, heavy metals or any materials harmful to the environment.

These premium cooking pans have excellent non-stick properties, so you never have to scrape burnt bits off. They also come with an induction base, so no matter which type of stove you have, you can easily whip up feasts for the family. From $160 to $250.

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Happycall products are available at major department stores.


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Happycall Crocodile IH Graphene Die Cast 30cm Square Grill Pan

Get those signature sear marks on your steak or chicken breast with this 11-layered non-stick pan, which can conduct high heat at 60 times fasterthan iron while ensuring an even cooking temperature. At $220.

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Happycall IH Die-Cast Vacuum Stock Pot Series

Feeding a crowd? Let these one-touch, low-pressure pots give you a hand. They can cook up to 50 percent faster compared to regular pots while locking in flavour and nutrients. Available in these sizes: 2.8L, 2.9L, 4.6L and 9L. From $170 to $290.

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Lee Kum Kee Premium Brand Oyster Sauce

Versatile Flavour 

Every good cook knows that the secret to a tasty dish lies in its seasoning. With Lee Kum Kee Premium Brand Oyster Sauce, you can easily transform bland bites into mouthwatering meals. 

Packed with a full-bodied richness, this savoury sauce is made from the finest oyster extracts, and is a robust marriage of sweet and salty tones. Whether you are cooking fried rice, noodles or decadent dishes like braised duck or chestnut chicken, take your culinary creations up a notch with this popular all-purpose sauce. 

This flavourful and versatile sauce concoction can be added to boost the flavour profile of your marinades for grilled meats or roasted vegetables. A great flavour booster to any broth as well, a little dollop goes a long way to thicken soups and infuse flavour into stews.

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Lee Kum Kee products are available at major supermarkets and grocery stores.


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Lee Kum Kee Premium Light Soy Sauce

Awaken your taste buds with this delicious soy seasoning – all you need is a dash or two to add an immense hit of aroma to your favourite dish or snack.

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Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce

Save time in the kitchen with this ready-to-use cooking sauce, which features an exotic blend of Chinese spices. Just add it to your next roast pork dish for a tangy barbecue flavour – easy-peasy!

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MaLing Pork Luncheon Meat

Meaty Goodness 

If there is one versatile meat that goes well with just about anything, it is the MaLing Pork Luncheon Meat. 

Made from premium pork that has been sourced from European countries, this tasty meat is filled with immense flavour that livens up every meal with its unmistakable taste. Keep this versatile staple in your pantry at all times, so you can easily fix a delicious grilled sandwich or whip up a plate of fried rice or noodles without fuss. Best of all, if you are pressed for time, you can even eat this yummy meat straight from the can.

Aside from its high-quality ingredients and unforgettable flavour, MaLing has proven to consistently provide consumers with great taste and value. So it comes as no surprise that MaLing continues to take the crown as Singapore’s No.1 best-selling canned luncheon meat. At $3.25 (397 g).

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MaLing, Narcissus and Yifon products are available at major supermarkets and grocery stores.


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Yifon Longans in Syrup 

Enjoy the fruity sweetness of these large longans from Thailand. Juicy and succulent, these premium longans taste refreshing as a chilled dessert or simply right out of the can. It also comes with no added preservatives, artificial sweeteners or flavouring. At $2.55 (565 g).

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Narcissus Whole Mushrooms

Freshly picked and canned immediately to preserve their natural flavours and taste, these premium-grade mushrooms have great umami and add a wholesome flavour to your soups, stews or stir-fries. At $1.65 (425 g).