Aromatic Feasts

Take the flavours in your dishes up a notch with Knife’s fragrant cooking oils and condiments.

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Take the flavours in your dishes up a notch with Knife’s fragrant cooking oils and condiments.

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You may bring home the best meats and freshest produce, but without the right ingredients to enhance their flavours, your next meal may fall flat. With Knife, home chefs can count on quality cooking oils and condiments to help serve up tantalising meals that your family can enjoy together.

Most famously known for their aromatic cooking oil, which was first introduced in 1948, Knife Cooking Oil’s unique peanut aroma and proprietary blend have made it a top-selling commodity in Singapore and Malaysia.

Since then, this iconic brand has become synonymous with wholesome cooking. In recognition of their contribution and success, Knife was awarded the Singapore Prestige Heritage Brand in 2005 and has been a Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador since 2007.

More recently in 2015, Knife brand was one of five recipients selected among local brands to receive the inaugural Trade Mark (TM) Award, organised by Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), in conjunction with Singapore’s SG50 Golden Jubilee celebrations. In the same year, Knife was also chosen by the National Heritage Board to be showcased in its “50 Made-In-Singapore Products” exhibition.

To cater to various cooking preferences and consumer needs, Knife brand offers a range of cooking oils endorsed with the Healthier Choice symbol – Knife Added with Canola Oil, Knife 100 percent Rice Bran Oil and Knife 100 percent Groundnut Oil.

<b>FLAVOUR UP</b> A trusted brand for generations, Knife boasts an array of quality cooking oil and condiment products.
<b>FLAVOUR UP</b> A trusted brand for generations, Knife boasts an array of quality cooking oil and condiment products.

If you are looking to spice up your exotic dishes, be sure to include Knife Thai Fish Sauce in your cooking arsenal. Made from quality anchovies, this seasoning sauce is a staple in Thai cuisine and was introduced in 2002. It comes in both Original and Reduced Salt (25 percent less sodium) variants to accommodate different health needs.

As proof of its authenticity and quality, it has consistently won the award for Best Fish Sauce in The Weekly’s Domestic Diva Awards for three years running since 2011. This year, its Reduced Salt variant bagged the award again. Whether you are frying up a plate of pad thai noodles or brewing a pot of tom kha gai (coconut chicken) soup, a dash or two (or three!) of this potent fish sauce will immensely boost the flavour of your food in a flash.

Another tasty complement every home chef should not do without is Knife Salted Soy Bean. Made from whole soy beans, this intense flavour-enhancer is the secret ingredient in many popular dishes such as mee siam, popiah and braised beef stew, to name a few.

Knife’s latest addition is their Thai Dipping Sauce, which is the first of its kind here in Singapore. Its recipe originates from Thailand and makes an excellent marinade as well as seasoning, be it for shrimp, steak or steamboat. Health-conscious consumers will be happy to know that Knife Thai Dipping Sauce does not contain MSG, artificial flavours or colourings. It has no trans fat and is also cholesterol-free.

With Knife’s range of ingredients to enhance your dishes, don’t be surprised if your family and friends keep coming back for more.

Healthy Alternatives

Enhance your food with these exciting, tasty options

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Winner of Best Cooking Oil for four consecutive years in The Weekly’s Domestic Diva Awards, this healthy oil contains gamma oryzanol: A powerful natural antioxidant which helps protect your body from free radical damage.

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Whether you’re serving seafood, steamboat or grilled meats, the scrumptious blend of spicy and sour flavours in this dipping sauce delivers an incredible kick loaded with tons of zest.

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With a strong peanut aroma, this delicious Healthier Choice oil is also free from cholesterol and trans fat. Extracted from peanut kernels, its high smoke point makes it a versatile all-purpose cooking oil, suitable for deep-frying.