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Minimum effort. Maximum cleanliness. That’s what you get with the Bosch Unlimited Series 6 Cordless Handstick vacuum cleaner

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Whether you have just moved into a new home or are residing comfortably in your current abode, one thing is for certain: There’s always dirt and dust to be wiped away. To keep your home clean and cosy at all times, a cord-free vacuum cleaner can get the job done fast while taking the tedium out of the task.

Reaching every nook and cranny

When you invest in a vacuum cleaner, it should be able to cover all grounds – and that means general cleaning, as well as picking up crumbs and getting to hard-to-reach corners, such as behind the fridge or under the cabinets.

Bringing German quality into your home, the Bosch Unlimited Series 6 Handstick vacuum cleaner is slim enough to get into tight spaces. It comes with attachments for cleaning everything from ceiling light fixtures to crevices of the sofa. The HighPower Brush cleans floor surfaces and carpets thoroughly, a flexible crevice tool for hard-to-reach spaces, and the upholstery brush for curtains and to keep sofas dust-free.

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Power that Lasts and Lasts

Most battery-operated ones run out of juice quickly, leaving you in the lurch when you are halfway through your chores. The Bosch Unlimited Series 6 Cordless Handstick comes with an 18-volt battery system. It also has a detachable backup battery to extend your runtime if needed.
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Fuss-free Cleaning

Powered by a DigitalSpin Motor that works at 5,000 revs per minute, this vacuum cleaner is compact and comes with great suction power. Weighing just 2.3 kg (the handheld unit, on its own, weighs 1.4 kg), you can move the Bosch Unlimited Series 6 vacuum cleaner throughout the house with ease.

You would also appreciate its Rotation Clean Filter that lets you dispose all the debris without getting your hands dirty. There’s no need for washing and drying of any filters, too.

Bosch Unlimited Series 6 Handstick BCS61113 retails for $1,049 and comes in three colours: Moonlight Bluse, White and Silver. Available at all Harvey Norman outlets, Bosch online store and UnserHaus Experience Centre.