The Automobile Association of Singapore has been motorists’ most trusted and reliable companion for the past 110 years.

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The Automobile Association of Singapore has been motorists’ most trusted and reliable companion for the past 110 years. 

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WHEN it comes to road trips, it’s the journey and not the destination that matters most.

After all, the experiences along the way also determine how much fun road trips can be. Great food, winding roads and the stories we tell each other all play a part in creating future memories.

But the road can also be a lonely place should a breakdown occur when you’re alone. Our island may be home to many drivers, but one cannot assume that other motorists will always be ready to lend a hand.

In an uncertain world, it’s great to know that drivers can count on the Automobile Association of Singapore (AA), the leading provider of roadside assistance services.

Founded in 1907, AA has always been there to help motorists with anything from a punctured tyre to a flat battery.

AA has grown from having just 56 members to over 80,000 members today. And apart from providing roadside assistance, AA also organises workshops and driving holidays.

Speaking of driving holidays, AA is also Singapore’s sole issuer of the International Driving Permit, a legally accepted document in many countries which proves that its holder is a licensed driver.

Besides using AA’s Singapore-based services, drivers can also count on AA when they’re overseas. This is because AA is affiliated with more than 130 associations in 120 countries, so members can drive with confidence when they’re overseas, secure in the knowledge that AA is still by their side.

Besides roadside assistance, AA members also enjoy other benefits such as preferential rates for car and travel insurance; exclusive rates for driving holidays; discounts and rewards at over 175,000 locations; fuel discounts in Singapore; car rental discounts in Singapore and abroad; technical services, like car evaluation and pre-trip inspections; and discounts at AAShop, AA-approved workshops and tyre shops.

AA has always adapted to modern times and changing needs. In line with this, they developed the AA Roadside Assistance app.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the app helps members find nearby amenities such as petrol kiosks, carparks and workshops. 

It even lets them browse the latest membership promotions and special deals at AAShops.

That said, the most significant benefit that members can enjoy is AA’s commitment to being their most trusted and reliable companion on every road journey.