Thanks & Goodbye

Working on issue after issue of Simply Her all these years, the team and I have shared laughter and tears, as well as frustrations and victories.

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Working on issue after issue of Simply Her all these years, the team and I have shared laughter and tears, as well as frustrations and victories. 

My Reading Room

1/ “I couldn’t have asked for a better second family of caring colleagues, who gave me sound advice when I became a mother – twice!” Chelza Pok, art director.

2/ “I learned everything about pregnancy and motherhood from the mums on this team. They were ever so supportive and understanding. Together, we proved colleagues could become true friends.” Simone Wu, beauty editor.

3/ “Our Taste Tests were our team-bonding time, from gushing and griping about the food to collectively descending into a food coma.” Mia Chenyze, consumer & lifestyle writer.

4/ “From great fashion workshops to reviewing food with my colleagues – it was an enjoyable 18 months.” Karin Tan, assistant stylist.

5/ “I have had a wonderful five years with the nicest people I’ve ever known.” Jessie Ng, editorial support executive.

We’ve supported each other through crises and loss, health and personal issues, pregnancy and labour – and some really crazy diets! We’ve also come to trust each other and count on one another – as families do.

After a fabulous run of 12 years, this February issue is the last one for Simply Her. Working at Simply Her has changed us all. We’ve become more compassionate, less judgmental, incredibly organised, and much kinder. We’ve also become better mums.

And that’s what the team has always wanted for readers. That our stories were helpful, insightful and inspiring. That they’d help you grow, evolve and improve – and all while you navigated the chaos as well as busyness of life.

As we worked on producing stories, we also made wonderful memories together. The laughter, the warmth and camaraderie, the tears – I’ll treasure them always.

To all our readers, advertisers, contributors and experts, thank you for your support. We couldn’t have come this far, or grown this much as a magazine, without you.

Now, for the very last time, here are the stories you shouldn’t miss this month: Go-to outfits that will have you out the door in no time (pg 32); 33 products beauty advisors must have in their own stash (pg 42); how to live happily ever after with your spouse (pg 52); ways to do a family digital detox (pg 74); easy ways to make a side income (pg 86), and so much more!

Now, it really is time to say goodbye to all the family. Here’s to the best that life can offer – from all of us at Simply Her to each and every one of you. 

My Reading Room

1/ “Team spirit rocked with this bunch of great women. Even when stressed, everyone smiled, forging a close bond that gave new meaning to being positive – no matter what the circumstances.” Sandra Campbell, executive sub-editor.

2/ “In my time here, I’ve gotten married and had three kids. What memories.” Nikki Ho, senior designer.

3/ “The team always rallied around me with words of encouragement and support. I will miss that.” Ann Neo, senior designer.

4/ “I’ve put on weight after nine years here, thanks to our taste tests of delish goodies. Fortunately, lugging appliances for our reviews moderated the weight gain.” Lim Tsiao Hui, deputy editor.

5/ “I could always rely on the team to recommend the best products. They are like Yelp and Hungrygowhere allin-one.” Davelle Lee, features writer.

6/ “I’ve had an incredibly rewarding time at Simply Her, reviewing the latest appliances and home gadgets.” Ho Pei Ying, consumer & lifestyle writer.

My Reading Room

“Working with Simply Her has been an enriching journey, which I will treasure forever.”

Alice Rappa, director, commercial projects.

My Reading Room

“Simply Her was the first magazine I worked with when I joined SPH Magazines. I will miss everything about it.”

Cassandra Lee, assistant account manager.

My Reading Room

“I had a great time working with a bunch of fun, loving and encouraging colleagues.”

Jocelyn Kung, marketing executive.

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