If you need something new and challenging to get you off the couch, these exciting workouts will rev up your metabolism and get your heart pumping.

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If you need something new and challenging to get you off the couch, these exciting workouts will rev up your metabolism and get your heart pumping.

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What It Is An athletic cardio dance workout.

What It Involves If you love to dance and prefer a fast-paced, heart-pumping workout that makes you sweat and challenges every part of your body, this addictive new dance routine set to the beat of urban music and choreography is for you.

Started in California, U-jam Fitness incorporates a range of dance styles, from hip-hop to Bollywood. The moves are easy to follow, fun, and designed for all dance and fitness levels.

The routine starts out slowly and gradually builds up to a high-intensity, full-cardio workout. It ends with a series of slower moves to help you cool down and relax. The hour-long session is said to burn up to 1,000 calories.

Where Available exclusively at True Fitness Djitsun Mall, tel: 6758-9555,

Cost The U-jam Fitness class is open to members of True Fitness.

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What It Is A combination of yoga, tai chi and pilates.

What It Involves While it may sound like a gentle and relaxing practice, Zen Ga is anything but. The workout challenges your core muscle groups and really tests your stamina and resilience.

Mindfulness is key to executing the moves and getting your form right. After all, Zen Ga is based on the Four Mindful Movement Principles: breath, support, yield and flow.

The exercises – which include planks, pelvic tilts and lunges – are performed on the mat and pilates reformer. The moves target the myofascial system to improve your strength, enhance your flexibility and create a more youthful, resilient and fluid body.

Where Breathe Pilates, tel: 9835-5683,

Cost A single group session costs $55, or you can purchase a package (10 sessions for $480; 20 sessions for $900). There is no membership fee.

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What It Is A cardio workout that builds muscle strength and improves athletic performance.

What It Involves The gruelling Fire Trainer workout is a proprietary training system that uses a portable fitness suspension-training tool.

This tool is strapped onto bars and requires you to leverage on your body weight and engage in various exercises as you hold on to the handles or are strapped onto the handles by your ankles. So, you’re using your own body weight for resistance to build strength and endurance. The movements also activate your core muscles, giving you more power in this area.

Whatever your fitness level, the workout will help you build muscular strength and definition, improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your core muscles.

Where Virgin Active, tel: 6908-7878,

Cost Fire Trainer classes are available to members of Virgin Active. Non-members can access the club and attend the classes with a one-day pass at $50 (excluding GST).

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What It Is Yoga performed on water, on a stand-up paddle (SUP) board.

What It Involves If you practise yoga to stay in shape, you may want to try out this new version, which takes place on an SUP board out on the water. You’ll paddle out with your instructor and group before anchoring yourself a short distance from the shore. Then your yoga lesson begins.

The poses are sometimes modified to suit the conditions of the water, but your body will definitely be challenged as you try to maintain your balance on the board. You will need to know how to swim, in case you topple into the water.

Where Sup Yoga Singapore, Reservations are required and SUP boards are provided.

Cost Ranges from $55 to $90 a person for each class, depending on class size and whether it is a private or group class.

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What It Is A form of Chinese kick-boxing, it features combat and self-defence techniques.

What It Involves Also known as sanshou, combat kick-boxing or K-combat, Sanda is similar to muay thai in that it incorporates punches, kicks and throws, only it is less aggressive.

While not as commonly known, Sanda has been around since the early 20th century, having developed out of traditional Chinese martial arts and Lei Tai (platform) free-boxing matches. It was only adopted as a sport in the 1990s, when Chinese martial artists made it part of their repertoire and started holding Sanda competitions.

To do this sport well, you need to be alert and focused so you can strike at the right spot and take down your opponent. The combat sport works the entire body as it builds strength and tones your limbs.

Where Wan Wu Sports & Martial Arts Academy, tel: 9146-8890,

Cost $70 for a four-session pass. The pass is valid for two months.

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What It Is A fusion of traditional yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics.

What It Involves It looks simple, but this programme guarantees a full-body workout. The aim here is to counteract gravity using unconventional suspension techniques performed on a special hammock fabric.

While suspended in the air, you’ll be stretching, strengthening and toning your body as you attempt to align yourself with the suspension apparatus. Combining the benefits of traditional yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics, it works your core muscle groups and upper body, even as it improves flexibility in your spine and shoulders. The best part: It doesn’t place unnecessary stress on your joints.

Where Upside Motion offers Anti-gravity Aerial at its Orchard and City Hall outlets. Tel: 6737-2979 (Orchard), 6636-6859 (City Hall);

Cost $40 for a drop-in group class, $345 for a 10-class pass, $655 for a 20-class pass. All class passes are valid for six months.