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We think these are great and you should have them.

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We think these are great and you should have them.

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Serve In Style

Oak Village Cheese Boards, $68 each, from Atomi

We were inspired to put together cheese and charcuterie boards after we saw these. Choose from four types of wood: cherry (spring), magnolia (summer), walnut (fall) and birch (winter). And, guess what? They’re not that hard to clean: use hot water, a soft sponge, and a wee bit of mild dishwashing soap. Work in gentle circular motions to remove all food. Rinse, wipe clean and allow to dry upright.

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Vegan leather

Zink Small Boxcar bag, US$495 (S$678), from

Save animals from the fur and leather trade, and still look chic? We’re in. This Italian handbag is fashioned out of vegan leather – cork that’s sustainably harvested from centuries-old trees in Sardinia.

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Gelato on a stick

Popsorbettos, $4.90 each, from Popbar

Keep a few of these gluten- and lactose-free treats made with real fruit – no artificial flavours and preservatives – in your freezer. They’re great to have when kids drop in during the holidays. Provided you can stop yourself from polishing off the lot, of course!

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Green With Envy

Woodstocks Series II Green Woven Necklace, $59, from

Who knew? This upcycled necklace is made of woven recycled T-shirt strips. Just what you need to flash up a plain top or dress. Every piece in the series is unique, too.

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Light Up

3 x 10m ACDC Powered Lights by Midnight Sparks, $118, from

Bring the stars indoors with this light fixture. It has 300 LED fairy lights strung on 30m of waterresistant copper wiring that you can twist and turn to suit any space for an ethereal glow.

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Mask-haves at home

The Body Shop Expert Facial Masks, $32.90 each, from The Body Shop

Whether you need to clarify, hydrate or brighten skin, these can help you achieve a healthy-looking glow with nutritious ingredients like acai berries, ginseng and honey.

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Sunny & Wild

$15, from Mujosh

What we love about this sunglasses case? Besides the colourful illos, the fact that it folds flat when not in use.

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In Good Spirits

Marin Natural Bar Cabinet, $1,699, from Crate and Barrel.

A solid home for your wines, spirits, tumblers and stemware, this handsome elm wood cabinet was assembled using the Chinese carpentry technique of wood-onwood joinery – no screws and nails.

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For Every Ocassion

Galop d’Hermes, $406 (50ml), $480 (125ml refill), from Hermes boutiques and counters.

Rose meets the smooth notes of leather, brightened with uplifting, fruity quince. This soft, refined perfume is not just perfect for the office, but fits right in at a party, too.

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