Being healthy just got easier – and cooler – thanks to the latest Misfit fitness trackers.

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Being healthy just got easier – and cooler – thanks to the latest Misfit fitness trackers.
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Like it or not, fitness trackers are set to take over our lives. Besides monitoring steps, workouts and sleep, they double up as watches and even smart devices. 

Take the Misfit Ray Fitness and Sleep Monitor and Misfit Shine 2 Fitness and Sleep Monitor for instance. Both have built-in motors that will vibrate to alert you when you need it the most: when a call or text comes in on a busy day, when you’ve been sitting for too long, and when you want a silent alarm to avoid disturbing those around you. Don’t own either of them yet? Here are reasons to. 

Get fitter with no fuss

A fitness tracker gives useful insights about your activity levels and lifestyle habits, prompting you to be a healthier person. But it’s only worth its salt when you have it on most – if not all – of the time. The Misfit Ray and Misfit Shine 2 make this extremely easy. Powered by user-replaceable batteries, both trackers will last up to six months with no charging required. They are water-resistant to 50m, so feel free to shower and swim with them. Best of all, made from aircraft-grade aluminium, the Misfit Ray and Misfit Shine 2 weigh a feather-light 8g and 8.5g respectively. Now, these are sleek trackers you’d be happy to wear for good!

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Simplify your life

Turn the Misfit Ray or Misfit Shine 2 into a smart button that unleashes a wealth of nifty functions. Using the free Misfit Link app, simply triple tap on your tracker’s intuitive interface to take a selfie, play music, use it as a presentation clicker, and more. Save time while you’re on the go! 

Look classy

It’s hard to beat the Misfit Ray and Misfit Shine 2 when we talk about elegance. Both models come in carbon black and rose gold – muted tones that go with anything in your wardrobe. The Ray is cylindrical (12mm wide and 38mm long), a great complement to your watch and bracelets. The Shine 2 is disc-shaped and tells time via a halo of rainbow-coloured lights, so you don’t need another watch. Plus you can wear them in multiple ways: as a wristband, necklace (availability to be advised) or clipped to your top. The sensing technology is different for each style, so activity tracking is never compromised. How cool is that?

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