3 burning questions for eyebrow pro Ramy Gafni

“Is there a way to tweeze my brows that will make my eyes really pop?”

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● “Is there a way to tweeze my brows that will make my eyes really pop?” — BRITTANY, 30 

Yes! You want them to be full and long enough that they’ll frame your eyes. However, when the tails or ends grow too long, you can look sad and tired. And overgrowth at the arches makes eyelids appear droopy. If this is happening to you, tweeze or trim the very end of the brows and remove  a few hairs below the brows at the arch. Then swipe highlighter along the underside of the brows to reflect light. This will make you appear instantly refreshed. 

● “One of my brows is a rebel. How can I get both to match?” — LORI, 49 

Each of your brow bones is a built-in guide to an eyebrow’s ideal shape. Don’t obsess over making both completely symmetrical because they are naturally not that way. I’ve seen people shave off half an eyebrow and try to draw it back on to perfectly match the other. That’s the worst, most artificial-looking thing you could do. Instead, remove the hairs in no man’s land – anything way above or below the rest of your brow hairs – and then follow the curve of the brow bones as you tweeze for a natural-looking result. 

● “Why do my brows look so fake when I fill them in?” — MARGARITA, 47 

The two most important points to getting real- looking eyebrows is choosing the correct makeup shade and then blending it in completely. I cannot over emphasise what a difference this makes! No matter what the formula – powder, pencil, pen, pomade or gel – you want something that’s two shades lighter than the natural colour of your brows. Of course, if they’re very blonde or white, you should go one or two shades darker. But when in doubt, choose a matte taupe. It’s a neutral that looks good on everyone. After you apply the product, pull a spoolie brush, which looks like a clean mascara wand, through your eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth to blend in and remove any excess product. 

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