Different skin problems require diferent solutions. Mirage Aesthetic offers a range of facial treatments designed to tackle them.

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Different skin problems require diferent solutions. Mirage Aesthetic offers a range of facial treatments designed to tackle them.

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Mirage Aesthetic has a reputation for delivering quality skin treatments and superb customer service. The centre uses a combination of noninvasive aesthetic technology and specialised skincare products from Korea to customise the perfect solution for your skin type. Here are four of them.

1. BB Glow Laser
Open pores and a dull or uneven skin tone? Mirage Aesthetic’s signature treatment, the BB Glow Laser, promises to brighten and revive your skin. Utilising the latest laser face rejuvenation technology, it treats the deepest layers of skin to stimulate collagen growth, leaving the complexion looking brighter, smoother and more radiant. It is recommended for those who wish to reduce redness, acne scars and pigmentation. The treatment is said to be virtually painless and require no downtime.
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2. BB Covered Foundation Treatment 

This 90-minute treatment is excellent for those who desire a naturally smooth and glowing complexion without makeup. First, skin is cleansed and exfoliated.A multi-growth factor (MGF) ampoule is applied, followed by a BB cream. Next up: micro-needling – a device with 0.25mm to 1mm needles is rolled all over the face (it is said to feel like tiny ant bites). The therapist then gently applies the cream with light tapping motions, before adding a skin booster and MGF masks to encourage skin to retain more moisture. The face is further cleansed and moisturised, after which sunscreen is applied.

The treatment promises to deliver a semi-permanent makeup-like effect in just one session. Post-treatment, you can expect some mild redness, which typically lasts a day or so.
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3. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

If dark eye circles, sagging skin and wrinkles are your greatest skin concerns, the non-invasive High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) can help. The treatment uses ultrasound energy to trigger collagen production in the deepest layers of the skin. The result? A complexion that’s more even-toned, firmer and tighter.

4. The Cure

To calm acne-prone, inflamed or congested skin, there is The Cure. It uses plant extracts with antioxidant properties such as mistletoe and camomile flower water to soothe and hydrate skin. Unlike some other acne solutions, this treatment does not cause peeling and is suitable for sensitive skin.

First-time customers can enjoy:
1. Two sessions of BB Glow Laser for $68
2. BB Covered Foundation Treatment for $280
3. HIFU (eye area only) for $488.
Consult Mirage Aesthetic for the price of a full-face treatment 4. The Cure for $128 For more information, call 6262-3358 or 6262-3378, SMS 9655-2542, visit www.mirageaesthetic.com.  Terms and conditions apply.