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Supermodel Jessica Hart talks about boobs, bras and body-weight moves with Dawn Chen in Sydney.

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Supermodel Jessica Hart talks about boobs, bras and body-weight moves with Dawn Chen in Sydney.

<b>Photos</b> Triumph
<b>Photos</b> Triumph

It is 10am on a cool, summer day in sydney, and I should be enjoying the surroundings – after all, i’m at the beautiful royal Botanic Garden. But all I can focus on is trying to keep up with the spin class that’s going on. 

I fumble to wipe sweat off my forehead and my legs are turning to mush, but i’m motivated to press on as I look ahead and see one strong (and totally gorgeous) figure leading the pact. It’s none other than Jessica hart, Triumph’s new global ambassador. 

We’re 30 minutes in and Jessica is obviously killing it in this Vicious Cycle spin class. When it finally ends, I wobble off the bike and catch a glimpse of Jessica, who looks like she just completed a stroll in the park. No sweat. Well, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a supermodel. 

But even her stunning physique doesn’t leave her immune to lingerie woes, as she’s quick to reveal post-workout when we sit down for a chat. 

“I struggled with finding the right fitting sports bra for years,” she says. “A lot of sports bras in the market are non-adjustable, and my boobs – because they’re naturally low-set – are always spilling out the bottom.” 

Thankfully, all that is slowly changing. No two women’s bodies are the same, and this is something that Triumph wants to highlight in its new Triaction by Triumph sportswear collection. 

Part of the range includes the new Triaction sports bras ($69.90-$79.90) that come with adjustable straps and varying cup sizes (up to 80D) to fit every woman and every shape. The sports bras are made to be extremely supportive and are bounce control-certified by the university of portsmouth, a world-renowned research group in breast health. 

Having tested the bras in the morning’s spin class, i’m pleased that they are comfy and do give the support you need for high-impact workouts (we were doing push-ups and bouncing up and down on the bikes). 

“I didn’t think about my boobies once!” says Jessica, who perfectly sums up how we all felt. And that’s precisely what a good sports bra should offer – they’ve just got to do their job so you can exercise in peace. 

Jessica shares more below. 

How important is it for you to have a good fitting bra? I think some bras are like armour: you get a sense of security from them. It’s also the foundation of your outfit – if your bra’s not right, how can the rest of it be? Through a recent study that Triumph shared, seven in 10 women feel more confident with the right fitting bra but only one in six know their right size. When I found out, I couldn’t believe it. Getting professionally fitted is genuinely life changing, mainly because it makes a huge difference in your day-to-day comfort level and confidence. 

What’s your best tip for choosing a sports bra? Get fitted by an expert. I cannot emphasise this enough. Many women get fitted for regular bras, and it shouldn’t be any different with a sports bra. 

When do you feel most confident? I feel most confident when i’m wearing great-fitting clothes, including lingerie. There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable bra. It ruins your day. Also, it should go without saying, but I feel my best when i’m surrounded by my closest friends and family. 

What are your best fitness and health tips? I like changing up my workout routine. Your body easily gets used to things, so i’m always trying to trick myself and keep my muscles guessing with new exercises. For now, spin classes are definitely at the top of my list. I really like them – they’re fast and to the point. Beyond exercise, I also stick to a healthy diet and drink lots of water. 

What are some of your go-to workout moves? Body-weight exercises like planks, lunges and push-ups. These are really easy to do in my hotel room when i’m constantly travelling for work.