These simple tips can make a huge difference to your photos.

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These simple tips can make a huge difference to your photos.


Having a hobby is essential to give you an outlet to de-stress and motivate yourself. A great example will be photography, which gives you the chance to explore the world while capturing the best moments. 

Start snapping fantastic photos with these simple tips from Canon Imaging Academy, and increase your likes on Facebook and Instagram! 

Take note of the lighting

Before taking a photo, position yourself in a way that the light will flatter the image. If you’re taking a group photo, the light should come from the front. If you’re taking a portrait, the light should come from either the top or sides. And if you’re looking for a more ghostly effect, the light should come from below. 

Use the flash sparingly 

The flash function should only be used in specific situations. Besides low-light scenarios, it can be used for freeze motion in photos, too. This is when you want to take a photo of a fast-moving object.

It’s all about proportion for landscape shots

If you’re trying to get the perfect landscape shot, remember this guide: Show 60 per cent land, 30 per cent skies or water and 10 per cent subject or element. If you want the subject to stand out from the background, use the rule of thirds. Basically, you mentally divide the frame equally using two horizontal and two vertical lines, and the subject should be near the points where the lines intersect. 

Try special effects

If you want to make your photos look more artistic, try these simple tricks: During slow shutter speed moments, try zooming in and out for a cool blur-effect photo. Alternatively, wrap coloured cellophane paper around your lens to give your photos an instant filter. 

Zoom in when it comes to food

Want to capture that delicious meal in front of you? Avoid wide-angle shots when taking photos of your food. Instead, use the zoom function to capture the details of the yummy goodness on your plate. 

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