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These lightweight and fast-absorbing facial oils are packed with nourishing formulas that will calm, hydrate and boost your skin.

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These lightweight and fast-absorbing facial oils are packed with nourishing formulas that will calm, hydrate and boost your skin.
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Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil ($142 for 30ml, Asterspring) Dull skin is caused by depleting skin lipids from environmental stresses, dietary habits and bad skincare rituals. Insert Dermalogica’s latest offer ing, which replenishes protective lipids and restores skin back to its youthful glow. The phytoactives from camellia and tamanu oils protect the skin’s natural barrier, while its essential lipid blend of orchid flower and chia seed oil smooths visible lines and locks in moisture. Layer under sunscreen in the morning or pair with a moisturiser at night for a radiant finish.

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil ($148 for 20ml) This luxurious facial oil is a cocktail of ginseng seed, camellia and fresh sesame oil. Harvested only once a year, each precious ginseng seed contains oleic acid, omega-9 and saponin, which prevents inflammation that causes ageing and boosts the skin’s defence system. Apply both day and night for a nourished, radiant and resilient complexion.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil ($84 for 50ml) Co-founder Lev Glazman was first exposed to the healing properties of seaberry oil when he badly burned his arm in eastern Siberia and the doctor used the hydrating salve to treat him. “To this day, I’m still amazed that I don’t have a single scar from that severe injury,” he says. Also known as seabuckthorn oil, this powerful antioxidant is rich in moisturising omega-3, -6, -7 and -9, and is well-known to protect the skin against ageing free radicals for a beautiful, dewy complexion. Tip: It also works on eczema and dry skin.

S.W. Basics Oil Serum ($57 for 30ml, Brooklyn-based S.W. Basics has created a delicious treat for the skin. This light oil serum is made with avocado, geranium, turmeric and coffee oils that are chock-full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories for a healthy, glowing face. Use five to 10 drops as a gentle facial treatment or oil cleanser.

Estelle & Thild Biocalm Optimal Comfort Rescue Oil ($63 for 30ml, Sephora) Created just for sensitive and dry skin, this exclusive facial oil transforms irritated areas instantly with a calming blend of skinsaving, allergy-tested ingredients. Free from perfumes and scents, it infuses the face with nutrients from jojoba, almond and sacha inchi, which are rich in omega-3, -6 and -9. The winning formula helps to reduce redness and restores natural balance.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Replenishing Treatment Oil ($232 for 75ml, Tangs) Shiseido’s featherweight formula is superb for soothing dry or sensitive skin, thanks to its expert curation of these five botanical oils: argan, evening primrose, safflower, jojoba and macadamia nut. Scented with relaxing Japanese yuzu oil, this multitasking solution not only pumps up moisture in the face, but can also be used to soften hands, nails and parts of the body that are prone to dryness.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum-inoil ($109 for 30ml, Tangs) If you’re looking for something to plump up and smooth your skin overnight, this is it. This ingenious serum-in-oil is packed with ulkenia oil, a new micro-algae oil rich in a specific omega-3 fatty acid to soften fine lines and wrinkles, as well as restore bounce and radiance in the skin. Apply before you sleep and wake up to a velvety, luminous complexion.

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil ($77 for 25ml) This incredible face oil combines a blend of nine botanical extracts to balance and replenish normal, dull or congested skin. Camellia nut, jasmine absolute and macadamia nut oils are brilliant hydrators, while juniper berry and ylang ylang deliver a natural glow. Gently massage three to five drops into cleansed and toned skin, or blend one or two nightly with your preferred cream, serum or gel.

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Walk all day

To be honest, most pretty shoes aren’t made for walking. But the ones from Hush Puppies are. Sporting casual-chic styles in both sandals and covered shoes, The Body Shoe Collection will make you feel as good as you look. You’ll hardly notice them, but the outsoles have bevels in the toe and heel regions to promote a natural walking motion. Also handy are the strategically placed grooves that make the shoes so flexible, they feel like a part of you. The cushioned footbeds conform to your feet and provide air circulation as you walk, so they will stay dry and happy.

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Your skin’s needs change day by day, but that doesn’t mean you have to repeatedly switch up your regime (ain’t nobody got the time or budget for that!). Enter the new Clarins Boosters ($65 each) – super concentrated formulas chock-full of active ingredients to enhance your current skincare products to make them even more effective. The boosters act as shots for your skin, and can be added to your creams or masks as a customisable treatment. Pick Booster Energy to rev up skin metabolism, Booster Repair to strengthen weak skin, and Booster Detox to decongest and combat the harmful effects of environmental pollution.

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Double power

To get the most out of your face mask, use it right after exfoliating. This is the recommendation of Jodi Ayre, corporate trainer of Dermalogica Australia and the international Dermal Institute. “When you exfoliate, you’re already in the process of removing all the dead skin cells, as well as promoting blood circulation. When you apply a mask immediately after, you’ll be maximising product penetration since skin is already prepped and primed to absorb the benefits of active ingredients, so this gives you the best results,” says Jodi.


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