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It’s 2017! It’s a chance to start afresh when it comes to your hopes, goals and dreams. Many of us pen down resolutions that we want to strive towards. If you have resolutions related to fitness, beauty and wellness, this issue will come in handy.

Keen to shake things up workout-wise? Check out the results of the Shape Sports Awards 2017 on pg 45, where we reveal the best gym, yoga, pilates and bootcamp classes in our little red dot.

The classes were tested by a group of sports enthusiasts, including the Shape team, so rest assured that only top-notch ones have been recommended. Don’t forget to make full use of the Shape Sports Awards 2017 coupons, which get you exclusive deals at the winning fitness establishments.

It’s also the perfect time to update your workout wardrobe. Get style inspiration from our fashion spread on pg 100. We’ve put together gorgeous outfits using the latest and newest activewear brands in town. As you might go makeup-free while you exercise, read the piece on pg 92 where we list facial treatments that boost your skin’s radiance.

And if you aim to stress less this year, a wellness retreat might be what you need. I went on an Ayurvedic wellness retreat in Rajasthan, India and came back feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. Read about my experience on pg 30.

But the New Year goes beyond just achieving personal goals. It also comes with a renewed sense of hope to be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and colleague. A positive mindset is key when we have multiple roles to play in life. Turn to the story Break Free Of Negative Thinking on pg 28 to learn how to let go of thoughts that weigh you down.

Here’s to a happy and healthy year ahead for everyone… Read on to find out what our wishes are!

My Reading Room

1 “To spice up my 2017, I wish for more challenges in life and at work, and the strength to overcome them. As the popular saying goes: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’” – RAY TICSAY, 35, ART DIRECTOR

2 “At the start of every year, I resolve to practise more gratitude. Being thankful for what I have – good health, fun job, loving family and true friends – reminds me that it doesn’t take much to be happy. When people ask me ‘How are you?’, I want to tell them ‘I’m great’ instead of ‘I’m okay.’” – ESTELLE LOW, 29, WRITER

My Reading Room
1 “I believe that small acts of goodness can have a ripple effect in the grand scheme of things, so in the words of Cinderella, I wish to always ‘have courage and be kind’. You never know just who you might touch or inspire.” – DAWN CHEN, 25, WRITER
2 “I want to step out of my comfort zone and try out more outdoor activities such as snorkelling and camping.” – CLAIRE ANG, 19, INTERN
3 “At the risk of sounding like a pageant queen, I wish for world peace. The world we live in is becoming more divided each day, and making the effort to understand 3 each other will go a long way. One way I plan to do my part is by doing more volunteer work to help those who have been marginalised.” – ZARELDA MARIE GOH, 36, EDITOR
4 “My wish for 2017 is to be able to devote more time to my dearest family and friends whom I love and cherish. Here’s hoping that this year will be filled with joy, laughter and an abundance of love for all of us.” – LANA NGUYEN, 26, DESIGNER