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1.6X Factor by which you’ll boost your calorie burn by running on sand as opposed to a hard surface.

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16X Factor by which you’ ll boost your calorie burn by running on sand as opposed to a hard surface. (Your calf muscles recruit two to three times more muscle fibres to deal with the shifting ground.) So if you melt 320 calories on your usual 30-minute loop, take it to the beach and you’ll zap 512.


You need a trainer who has helped many people crush the same goal as yours. If you want to drop kilos, hire someone who specialises in weight loss. If you want to beat your personal best, find a trainer who’s known for boosting performance. If you want to get stronger, search for a pro who’s good at helping people pack on lean muscle. Ask a potential trainer for references, photos – anything that can prove he or she has already catapulted clients to the success you desire.


Who is going to make you hammer out more burpees or run faster sprints – someone pushing you drillsergeant style, or someone cheering you on as if she’s your No. 1 fan? Think about the type of coaching you respond to best and seek out a trainer who embodies that style. You’ll be comfortable in front of that person and more likely to put in a better effort.


You’re going to be responsible for completing solo sessions. What would help keep you most accountable? Daily reminders to sweat, fitspo texts, a routine to knock out on your own, a meal plan (if your trainer has earned a nutrition certification) – make sure your pro is willing to go the extra mile to help you stay on track.

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Running hack: Tame bouncy earphone cords

Even if you’ve found earbuds with a Cinderella fit, a floppy cord can still force you to fuss with them mid-run. Prevent excess bouncing in two steps: First, string the cord under your shirt or sports bra, which locks it tight to your body, says Stephanie Howe, an endurance runner for the North Face in the US. Then slide the small clip – located where the cord splits – upwards so the cinch is close to your chin. Voila!

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