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If you’ve always wanted that lithe dancer’s body, try pilates.

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If you’ve always wanted that lithe dancer’s body, try pilates.
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Striking a balance between strength and flexibility, pilates exercises will target your core, arms, shoulders, back, butt and legs – all the muscles worth sculpting to rock any kind of outfit.

This month, award-winning pilates studio Powermoves Pilates Singapore is offering Shape readers its ever-popular pilates workshop. In one hour, you’ll learn about the techniques and principles of the fitness system, and get to try moves on the reformer and on the mat. Guided by professional instructors, every move will be customised to your strengths and weaknesses, so you can reap the maximum benefits. No more a pilates noob!

Afterwards, feel an immediate difference in your poise and posture. You’ll walk away taller, breathe better and feel amazing.

Practised over time, pilates will make you look leaner and more toned, helping you achieve your fit-body goals. It also trains you to be more focused and disciplined.

Shape September Powermoves Special

Powermoves is holding an exclusive pilates workshop on Sept 24, 2016. This one-hour event will guide you through fundamental pilates moves on the reformer and on the mat, while introducing the full range of techniques and principles.

DATE: Sept 24, Saturday

TIME: 2.30pm

VENUE: #02-05 Novena Specialist Center

SIGN UP: Call 6455-2221 or visit

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