Cut out the toxins in your life.

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Cut out the toxins in your life.

<b>PHOTO</b> 123RF.COM
<b>PHOTO</b> 123RF.COM

When it comes to living green, recycling is probably the first thing that comes to your mind – and that’s great! It reduces waste, minimises pollution and helps to conserve energy and natural resources. But there’s much more you can do beyond recycling. 

Choosing to live more sustainably isn’t difficult – and it makes a big difference in the long run. You’ll be cutting your exposure to toxic chemicals while leaving fewer ecological footprints. This is something that Pernilla Ronnberg of Swedish organic skincare brand Estelle & Thild lives by. 

“When I founded Estelle & Thild, I wanted to create a sustainable business that would make a difference. I had learnt how the beauty business contributes to damaging the environment by adding chemicals and toxins to products to enhance textures, scents or to extend shelf life. So, it was important for me to create products that gave great results, yet were safe for our bodies and the environment,” she says. Here, Pernilla shares five easy ways to go green. 

Go slow with fashion Choose quality over quantity when it comes to fashion. Make sure you purchase products that are sustainable in production and made by factory employees with good working rights and conditions. Choose materials and designs you love and that will last to minimise waste and excessive spending. And, if you get tired of a garment, donate or recycle it! 

Eat organic Respect and treat your body well. Nourish it with nutrient-rich organic produce free of pesticides, hormones and GMOs. Minimise excess exposure to chemicals, including those that might not even have been tested for their toxicity. 

Choosing organic is not only good for your personal health, but planetary health as well. Organic farming keeps workers, soil and water healthy and clean. 

Eat your greens Adopt a healthier diet by including more greens on your plate. The fibre and nutrients in fruits and vegetables will boost digestion and your immune system. A greener diet will also contribute to a more sustainable planet as animal farming produces higher greenhouse emissions than other industries. If you choose to eat animal products, choose wisely – organic and free-range are your best options! 

Green your beauty routine You can make your beauty and skincare routine more eco-friendly by limiting toxins in the products you use. Make sure you read the labels – just as you would with food. Do your best to avoid sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens, aluminium (in deodorants), mineral oils and other artificial ingredients like synthetic fragrances. 

Revamp your cleaning cabinet Just like the food we eat and the skincare we use, the products we have in our homes affect our bodies and the environment as well. Harsh cleaning products are high in chemicals that can linger for days. Choose more environmentally friendly ones that won’t irritate your skin, lungs or immune system.