The season’s new makeup – an energetic spectrum of vivid, rich lip and eye colours – will inspire you to come out and play.

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The season’s new makeup – an energetic spectrum of vivid, rich lip and eye colours – will inspire you to come out and play.

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Looking at this spring’s makeup offerings, even the most barefaced among us will find that they’re suddenly inspired to swirl a brush into the gorgeous hues and amazing textures. Like the adult colouring book craze, experimenting with your look can be a creative outlet that elevates your state of mind and sense of spirit. “Doing your makeup really is like creating a little piece of art,” Chanel makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua says. With that in mind, tuck away your well-loved lip balm and nude shadow for a bit, and reach for something else that speaks to you, whether that’s one of the kaleidoscope of lip glosses above or the vibrant shadows and mascaras on the next pages. Then start painting.


Pigment-packed shadows in gold, royal blue and magenta offer a refreshing burst of intensity. “It’s a striking focal point but more subtle than you might think,” Sephora Pro artist Jeffrey English says. When you blend a single shade on your lids, staying below the crease, it’s there mostly to enhance your eye colour and really reveals itself only as you blink. Keep the rest of your makeup toned down. Add a thin stroke of black eyeliner, black mascara and a neutral lip colour for the most modern take.

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Gloss is back and better than ever. The next-gen formulas supply high-beam gleam but act like long-wear matte lipsticks. “Their pigment sinks into your lips enough to stain them, while the shiny finish stays on top,” Jeffrey says. And that shine creates a fresh and youthful effect. “A gloss makes lips look fuller and smoother,” he says, who adds that when it comes to shade selection, there are no rules anymore. So simply pick the hue that inspires you.


Now for some pop art: Watch how bright and open your eyes become when you swop your black mascara for one that either mirrors or contrasts the colour of your irises. Blues enhance blue eyes and also bring out the golden tones in brown eyes. Purples look especially gorgeous on hazel and green eyes. “Coat all your lashes in the tint, or brush the colour only on your lower lashes, especially focusing it under the iris,” Kara says. “You’ll get a fresh yet toned-down effect that you can wear anywhere.”



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