Protect your peepers from the harsh reality that’s screen time.

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Protect your peepers from the harsh reality that’s screen time.

At work, you face the computer. While travelling, you play games on your smartphone. At home, you watch the TV. Before sleeping, you check social media updates. Sounds familiar? Technology has made it so easy for us to be glued to screens. Every day, Singaporeans spend more than 12 hours using various devices: computers, smartphones, tablets and television sets, just to name a few.

That’s half of our lives spent staring at screens! Just imagine the amount of stress your eyes undergo. Over time, you might experience fatigue, blurred vision, red eyes, and the need to blink more often. Without having to cut your screen time drastically, here are five totally doable ways to care for your peepers.

1 Ensure good lighting

At the office, angle your monitor away from light sources and windows so there’s no light reflecting off the screen. This adds glare and affects your reading ability. With proper lighting, you’ll be able to work without having to squint at the computer screen.

2 Adjust the brightness level of your device

Many of us are guilty of having the brightness setting at full scale. The excessive glare is irritating to the eyes. Reduce the brightness to a level where you can read comfortably. That level will differ depending on your surroundings. In a well-lit place, the brightness shouldn’t go beyond the halfway mark. In a dim setting, you may need to dial it up.

3 Rest your eyes frequently

The longer you spend gazing at screens, the drier your eyes become. Being in an air-conditioned environment makes it worse. Every half an hour, look away or close your eyes for a few minutes. This helps to prevent headaches and dizziness too.

4 Increase the font size

When you’re reading or writing, your eyes will feel the strain after a while. Magnify the page, and choose a larger font size on your smartphone to ease that stress.

5 Get enough vitamins and antioxidants

Vitamin A is essential in the functioning of the eyes, so make sure your diet includes foods that are high in the substance, like sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, squashes and bell peppers. Antioxidants, which are found in fruits and vegetables, protect your body from harmful free radicals and diseases, including the degeneration of eye cells.

My Reading Room

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